• Shatzy kindly allowed me to use her thread and i hope non other does.

    Im puzzled by a pal of mine of which i love so much. Alden oct 4 libra writer

    When it comes to even intimate imagery its as if he gets soooo bllody scared or and miffed. today i apologized then i got mad. real mad. i keep asking what is he so deeply scared off? i did a facade dot com n all came out women or woman n i fear he is scared off me BUT that cannot be, bc dangit he himself has opened the bag of sextalk n such.

    my hunch is my envision to cope with chiropractor pain treatment he felt saw was there but thought it was dream until i told of it? i dont get it n i wish i did.

    right now im so upset i could send him packing. last we had a tiff we ended all n everything n i was dead inside, a robot, n now if it to happen it would resemble 9/11 inside to me.

    i dont get it n right now .................. someone else has taken his seat but ughhh if only i knew what he is so damn scared of. i did ask him n now i await answer . knowing him he´ll go all macho n male im not scared of anything. BULL

    he is a puzzle to me. someone HELP ME thanx

    im a pisvces march 10m1972.

    uhm may i ask on charlie too? june 25 thanx

    love reading now im asking-

    cwb puzzled

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