Need Help about a Pisces Man ;(

  • I am an Aquarious born on February 14th. I like a Pisces guy (born on March 1st.) I met him thru a friend at a gathering and we kept talking for a year before seeing each other again. He was very interested and kind. I liked him a lot and was very nervous seeing him again. We ended up seeing each other finally and met for dinner. He showed interest in me by asking me if I could think about living in the same city. I wasn't expecting this and I ended up saying something like I don't know if I can etc.. I wanted to live close by him so bad but for some reason I responded the way I did. He asked me one more time before we left the restaurant and I still couldn't respond the way I wanted to. (He was the first guy I went out with after the breakup with my boyfriend of five years.) I was really hurt after that breakup and thought I could never like anybody again but I ended up liking this Pisces a lot. After dinner, he dropped me off (he even waited by the entrance until I got in my apartment.) This was teh last time I saw him ;( I spoke with a friend about what happened. She said he probably felt rejected after getting his hopes up for a year. I texted him the next day, he did not respond. I called him and he did not answer. A week later, he deleted me from his facebook account . Later on, I learned from a friend that he kept talking about me and he even mentioned me to his parents before we even met for dinner. I also learned that he was engaged and broke up with his fiance because she cheated on him. Even so, I learned he is still talking to her but not me. I feel so bad for messing everything up. Its been couple months and I haven't heard from him. I know that he is still single. I really like him and feel that we would make a good couple. Recently, I have moved to the city he lives at. I am wishing and praying for a second chance but I do not know what to do. He did not know that I moved of course until he saw me the other day while driving. He even told our mutual friend that he saw me and he said he was nervous. Can anyone please help me? I ended up moving here by chance and I really feel we are destined to be together. I hope someone out there can help me ;( Thank you.

  • One of my best male friends was born on March 1st, and my brother is February 28...they are just alike. They are ultra sensitive, and perceive slights and blows where none may exist. They are deep thinkers, and though they appear very calm on the surface - they are focused on your every word, and will replay your words over and over in their heads. Usually the only way I know that I’ve hurt their feelings is because they become non-responsive to my emails, texts, etc. When they are deeply hurt (as in finally getting up the courage to tell you how they feel, and not receiving a positive response), they need to retreat for a bit and regroup. However, they are not grudge holders. You have to write to him/call him and explain your past behavior and your present feelings for him...don't talk in circles. Don't leave any room for interpretation. You'll have to put your airy Aquarius-ness aside for awhile and communicate your feelings to him, like you're a Taurus – calmly and direct 😉 A Pisces man is not going to willingly set himself up for another emotional blow; he needs to feel reassured that you know what you want...this time.

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