1st Tarot Reading: Success as author

  • Hi all, I just did my first ever tarot reading on your site and the 8 cards I pulled seemed really strong and full of blessings. I read them all and I want someone to help me understand their deeper meaning. I want to find out if I'll get success in my career as an author of books. Thank you!

    Ethics: Six of Wands

    Developments: Ten of Wands

    Issues: Two of Cups

    Allies: Queen of Cups

    Self: Eight of Wands

    Situation: The Moon

    Challenges/ Opportunities: King of Swords

    Foundation: Wheel of Fortune

  • If it helps, my date of birth is January 20, 1977.

  • Redtomato

    Ok well it's been a while since i've seen a reading like this but from the looks of things its going to be a bumpy ride for you.

    Ethics shows the leader card, one of victory, you have some pretty good experience behind you and that builds up your confidence, to add on to that from the card i can say you can take your confidence and give people results that are up to standard and maybe even better.

    Problem lies in your development and also your issues. 10 of wands is a burden card and shows a rough time starting out while you got two of cups which might mean you need to be wary of who you trust, especially anyone who you've only known for a short period of time.

    The people you can trust however are those more senior so to speak, people who know you, people who've been doing their jobs for some time now and know the twists and turns. As an individual you'll develop quickly learning all the tricks of the trade but be cautious about how you go about your actions. 8 of wands is a warning of arrogance, just because you made some good calls doesnt mean you're untouchable. This is reflected by the situation card, the moon shows mystery and at times fear. It's a totally different ball game from what you're used to now.

    King of swords asks you to think out of the box and do a little sweet talking when it comes to peers and maybe rivals.

    Finally your foundation is that of change, in a way a total transformation, like i said what you've done isnt the same as what you're going to do here and so change is required. Change within yourself, how you act when stressed, how you act around others and how you act based on the given situation..

    Hope this helps

  • Thank you so very much! Really appreciate it.

  • Hi Kushikamikiba, I have a question for you. What about the Queen of cups as my allies card and the Six of wands as my ethics, which is supposed to be a victory procession? From the cards, I thought it was time for working hard on a project which I enjoy a lot and then time for due recognition.

    I'm so new to Tarot, I would appreciate if someone could do a reading for me on: If I will find success as an author of books in my lifetime.

    Blessings and smiles.

  • Dob is January 20, 1977

  • Ok well i think queen of cups represents a person or people. queen shows someone who is experienced in whichever field they are in and cups show an artistic quality to them.

    for 6 of wands though it shows a lot of hard work for a great reward, you'll need to make the tough choices and step up as a leader. the choices may not always be nice but they must be done

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