Please help me understand this message

  • I tried to do a reading for myself but i found that I had no clue as to what the reading is advising me to do. So I am asking anyone on the forum to help me decode this message. The format was a five card reading.

    Questions: Will I be accepted into the internship program that I am about to apply for? When will I be starting a full-time job with a publishing company? When will I be moving into my own apartment?

    Situation: 7 of coins

    Challenges: Knight of Coins

    Lesson: 3 of Cups

    Advice: 5 of Cups

    Future: Knight of Swords

    I am desperate for an answer,please help.

  • if this helps, my birthday is 5/5/86.

    Also can if you can help can you try to be as specific as possible. Thank you so much!

  • the 7 of coins is telling you that you have to work extra hard if you wish to achieve these goals. the knight of coins=hone your skills. stay focused and dont look for handouts. the 5 of cups=dont be dissapointed if things dont turn out the way you want them to be. the knight of swords=your going to learn alot from this whole expieriance.

  • Thank you so much kageroninja!

  • your welcome(: oh i forgot to add the 3 of cups,that means you may need to learn to work with others.

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