• I desided to make this bc ive seen how often we women are puzzled by men n man per se. I felt we need as place to debate n discuss this, as i know many has cracked the code ..... or have they? sometimes it looks at if other times its as bewildered as never before, so LADIES SHALL WE DEBATE N HELP EACH OTHER TO CRACK THE CODE ON MEN????


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    I thinks thats it:)

  • Is that the code to crack a man? n to understand wth he is scared of?

    i so badly wanna know what the h Alden is so deeply scared off.

    i thought i had him sorted out understanding his ways n all but im stumped now. totally as its ok for him to speak of sexy intimate stuff and hint what he´d love , but when i imagery it he flips gets tad annoyed or pissed n im like wth , this time i apologized first n then i got mad n explained its a 1st time n compare it to so n so which he knows damn well with regard pains n stuff from his ordeal witha breaking a hip. i get riled up bc its like he has right to say stuff but im prohibited. whats that shit i sensed fear but of fucking what? can ANY advice, referrence, has same experience? help me puzzle this ............. puzzle out thanx




  • I saw it went to the link posted n now im fuming until someoen answers lol

  • I would like to know myself..Cuz I get so puzzled on men for acting the way they are..One min they act and say they are interested in you and wants a relationship then after a week or two they dont..Thats wats makes me piss off and not wantn to trust or believe in any thing that comes out of their mouth any more...Im sure some of us girls do the same thing but why do all men do that...If your honest at the beganning and really want a relationship then prove it and stick with it through the good or bad days not run and then things will b ok if not then dont bother with me..jeeez.. I already had 5 guys do that to me two mos How can us girls crack them and their code..on how their thinking and wat they want...

  • i dunno but i hope through comparing notes n experiences?

  • Hello CWB,

    I think this is interesting, but I don't know how to crack the code. I do feel many are afraid, of commitment, being tied down, not being enough of a man. They are truly afraid when a women is sure of herself. We give a lot want to make it work but they still have reservations. I quess they are still looking for the ONE.

  • what if they were burnt? does the looking for the ONe still make it the mark still?

  • i think you girls are going to go in circles, waiting for each other to crack the code, if you really want to crack the code, how many of you have brothers? getting the answers from the men themselves would be the best source of information, especially if you have a close bond with your brother,

    getting men is the easy part, the difficult part is maintaining thier interest in us!

    male friends are not going to provide the answers for you, like a brother will, i would say that the great majority of girls in ths forum are supersmart, how to ask with out them suspecting you want to know thier secrets,

    if you were a cop, and wanted to solve a crime, you would start questioning the suspected crimainal letting him or her go, until you had all the pieces of the puzzle solve,

    i dont think men are afraid of commitment, i think they dont like to be rush in to it,

    i think that if they notice we are falling to fast we scare them off,

    i also think that they like us to give them a air of mystery,

    i have a son who has been a player for about ten years, now he is involved with a girl who plays cool like a cucumber, the phone could be by herside, when he calls, she doesnot pick up right away, she calls him back fiften or twenty minuites later, she has been right by my side when she has done this, i dont know if it is one of the things that has kept his interest in her, but i suspect so.

    ask and make notes and compare, what you get from the men themselves,


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