I need a Reading on Love & Romance from "The Captain"

  • Captain, can you give me the ins and outs on these two relationship matches.

    2/11/76 female and 7/11/1978 male


    1/16/1984 and 7/11/1978

    I'm very curious to know. Thank you!!!

  • The first relationship as a love affair can be extremely romantic and sensual, featuring all manner of seductive games and tricks. However, trust is a big issue here - if these two cannot form a bond of trust, inherent instabilities will wreak havoc in the relationship. These two people have very different perspectives on life. Emotional instabilty can run rampant, driving both partners to distraction. But open conflict will be unusual here - unless one of the partners is driven right over the edge in which case it will manifest in a BIG way. This relationship has a push-pull quality with the lovers alternately drawn to each other at one moment and then fleeing each other the next. One minute they're afraid of losing each other, the next afraid they'll be stuck together forever. Desire in this relationship is best accompanied by an escape route then, which can always be held in reserve. Marriage may lend solidity to a faltering love affair but it is in no way a guaranteed cure.

    The second relationship is more like a parent-child relationship than a love affair. It's unlikely to develop much past the initial encounter. The male may feel threatened by the woman's fearlessness and she can be unsettled by the man's sharp insights into her character. Marriage (if this pair gets that far) is not as rewarding as it could be and its consequence may be not just unproductive but destructive. Power conflicts between these two can be very annoying for both parties. Though the relationship can be vivid, exciting and fun at first, it takes on a slightly mocking and sarcastic quality as time goes by. The question in this relationship is - how much is role-playing and how much is real?

  • Hi Captain,

    First of all I wanted to thank you for answering my question so indepthly. Thanks!

    I have a couple follow-up questions.

    In relationship one do you know what would help create emotional stability between them?

    Lastly, for the second relationship who is the parent and who is the child?

    Is it a passionate relationship? Tx so much for any insight you shed.

  • Relationship one needs that bond of trust as I said. If these two cannot trust each other enough to share themselves and their lives honestly with each other, then the relationship will be very difficult to maintain. Even if they don't see eye-to-eye about things, they can agree to compromise and respect each other's perspective as being valid for them. It is only our egos that require others to agree with us. There is an element of control here from the Aquarian female who should concentrate on self-control rather than trying to handle her mate.

    The male is the child in the second relationship because the Capricorn tends to be very dominating. But he will run if she becomes too domineering because he hates to be tied down or feel trapped in any way. Astrologically they are complete opposites. The male is very idealistic - he tends to get disappointed when his lovers turn out to be only human and may keep looking for someone perfect who doesn't exist. He is a passionate person and all things beautiful attract him. The Capricorn will definitely ground him and will probably put out his fire which comes from his grand ideals of life. She can be defensive about sharing her feelings while he is looking for emotional compatibility.

  • Okay, wow. So all and all the first relationship sounds most fufilling emotional wise & physically.

    Can you tell me if in the first relationship both female and male would be satisfied emotionally as far as lovingness, nurturing, physically and spiritually. Would the male help bring out the females creativeness? Would the female stifle the males creativeness/passionate side or flourish it.

    Thank you for all of your helpful insights once again. It has been most helpful to me!

  • Well, I wouldn't say either of these relationships is very stable or good as they stand. Each one can be improved but it would take a lot of work and desire from both parties concerned. I doubt that either of the women will feel as deeply as the male does about things. Neither of the women understands the man very well, nor does he understand them. The first female doesn't need anyone to bring out her natural creativity. She would stimulate the male's creativity however with her innovative mind and ideas.

  • Captain, thank you so much! That was VERY helpful to me.


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