Hi gwalchmai60, could I please ask you a question?

  • Hello gwalchmai60,

    I sincerely hope you don't mind me asking this of you, only I have just come across the thread where you told our lovely poetic555 that according to numerology of her birth date you were able to tell her of the soul/personality card that represents her, could I be as bold to ask you if you could let me know mine, I find this to be most interesting and also very useful in the getting to know more about our core selves, I too are on my path to learning all I can toward the help and healing of our beautiful Earth...I think this could be another very inspirational tool to study on our journey, and to be of benefit for all, as we have to start with the healing of ourselves, so I would be so grateful for any information on what card is represented by me, and to study it and receive more of an understanding of myself, my date of birth: 2 nd December 1951

    with much love and gratitude to you.


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  • Denise,

    You couldn't have been blessed with better Soul & Personality Cards than the ones you have!

    Your personality is The World XXI.

    Your soul is The Empress III.

    Just the cards you need for the work you're doing.

    I especially like The Empress as your Soul Card. You radiate abundance, fertility, fecundity, love, empathy, Supreme Motherhood, etc. This card represents who you are regardless of incarnation. You have been and always will be The Empress.

    Your Personality Card is naturally who you are. It is the face you present to the world (pun intended). The Empress is the inner you, that place from which you draw your reserves, who you are at the core of your Being.

    Study these cards. Sleep with them under your pillow. Record your dreams and impressions. Research their history.

    You have no Soul or Personality challenges. These cards are pure gift. Use them wisely.

    In fact, your "World" personality came through just in your short post. Do you find that people are drawn to you, often inexplicably? This is your "World" personality. This is how you draw people in and gain their trust and confidence. THEN, you minister to them out of your Empress.

    Are you getting that, Denise?

    Peace be with you.

  • Oh my!!... I'm lost for words!!, I am SO very grateful you have done this for me, I really do find what you say about people being drawn to me inexplicably...

    I will most certainly study and learn all I can from the two cards and I can't wait till I go to sleep tonight with them under my pillow...I feel so blessed!! with all that you said, I definitely fit with the fertility part of the Empress, I have four children and 6 grandchildren who I adore, and certainly I am an empath, I find I have to retreat sometimes to gather my strength back, fortunately I do Reiki which builds my energies back up and gives me my "shield" to protect all the pain I feel for people are in torment, I sometimes get overwhelmed with grief for them...

    and the World, my oh my!...how much do I love this World, Universe and our Mother Earth...I have just been outside breathing in the morning air, (it's 5.50 in UK) the sky looked so beautiful, I just filled my lungs with it's colour and freshness....

    Oh no, now I'm rambling sorry,.. what did I say at the beginning...lost for words!...that didn't last long did it...lol

    I really do understand in your last paragraph!...and now I will study the cards and I just know it will help me to maybe help others and our Mother Earth in a more expansive way...

    SO much love, joy and gratitude to you gwalchmai60 for doing this for me..

    Many Blessings


  • Hello gwalchmai60,

    I just wanted to post to tell you how wonderful things are going, with you great advice I have been sleeping with my cards under my pillow, I am truly grateful you gave me your time in telling me of this because I have so many very enlightening dreams!!...I go to sleep now in saying, "I wish to receive dreams that I remember and will understand its messages"....and that's what has really been happening!...I write down my now vivid dreams immediately on waking and when I come to re-read them I feel I know what exactly what the meaning is....it's all helping tremendously in clearing out "old ways and thought patterns"....

    I can't thank you enough my friend...

    many many blessings to you!!


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