• I sometimes am a superstitious person. The number’s 666 keep turning up for me. For example, it was the balance in my checking account, the number of new spam emails that I had in my inbox, and I signed a new lease for a house and the balance of the deposit owed was 666.00. I think there have been a few other occasions as well. Should I be worried?

  • Hi luvslife,

    I was watching a You Tube video on this very subject only the other day, I've just done a little search to find it now for you but couldn't at moment, but I will have a proper look later, I just wanted to answer you straight away, this number is a very good vibrational number, it has been used by some religions and other sources as a fear based lie....I so want you to not worry, because when watching that video it was so uplifting and unveiling the lies that are instilled in us....please relax and know there is some good energy of the number 666...I know I certainly don't fear it any more...I will do another search for it and hope to find it and post it here for you 🙂

    much love and joy


  • Denise,

    I will look for it also. When I googled this I found that sometimes our spiritual guides send us messages in number sequence. I have been having a really difficult time lately and I wonder if this could be a way of communicating good things to come?


  • Hello again,

    I truly believe it to be so, they will use almost anything to get our attention, and as I watch the video and what they said about the number 666 I just felt it to be right, you know, one of those gut feeling things, I sincerely hope this "good things to come" is certainly the case for you!!....I don't know if you have noticed something these past couple of weeks, but I have felt the energies make a real big shift in the direction of positivity...there is definitely something good in the air....

    I will carry on the search for the video, lets see who finds it first, we can make it a fun mission 🙂

    happy hunting!!

    much love joy and peace to you Michelle


  • Denise,

    I do feel change in the air but that could be because my life has been in upheaval. I am praying all this change will bring good times ahead. Still looking but haven't found it yet.

    Blessings and peace,


  • Hi Michelle, I just stopped by to say I'm still searching, I have a feeling I must have been watching a video on ascension, and I must have seen the one about the number on a link from that?...but I won't let it beat me....I will find it one day 🙂

    Your right, there is definitely "change in the air" feels good too!!, keep up your vibration of positivity 🙂

    wished I had saved it though in forget to do that sometimes 😞

    love and joy to you,


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