Silateer - if you are out there and willing to help....

  • Hi :0) I was reading through some of your other posts and I love your insight. I don't know if you are still willing to help ( I know it is exhausting and time consuming ) but if you are I would really appreciate your insight. I have a lot going on right now, I'm keeping a positive attitude and Im wearing a smile on my face but once in a while it all overcomes me and doubt and fear set in. I would like to know what the next few months host for me. I know life works out however it does but insight would be amazing right now. If you are unable or don't feel like doing a reading, it's totally cool and I understand but if you do I would really appreciate your time and effort.

    I'm worried about Christian (9-18-1975) and whether he'll finish medical school.

    I'm wondering if I'll find a job so I can support myself (11-18-1977) and the kids (8-8-00 and 9-15-1995)-this is a biggie

    I'm worried about my best friend N. (12-25-1978)

    ...and future love :0)

    Thank you in advance... :0)

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