Please read my cards

  • i did a relationship cross n got eight of cups in love and me, king of swords in situation and eight of swords in challenges.

    Can someone be nice enough to interpret these...?

    My thanks to that person.

  • 8 of cups is moving on, normally it happens after tough times. I cant say for certain if you guys will move on with life together or apart. King of swords shows that the love factor in the relationship seems to be at a standstill and its become a more mental thing. 8 swords in challenges puts you or the both of you in a tight situation that might offer little or no escape at all. Looks pretty bad

  • thanks.

  • what for page of cups in love and me, ace of wands in situation and page of wands in challenges

    my question this time was : should i restrart the old relationship from my side?

  • i also did overall picture now/present: it gave me three of swords in love and me, eight of swords in situation and queen of cups in challenges

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