Junemoon could I have a reading please

  • Hi Junemoon, I had posted this one on the old is my ex in my future blog, I just read your note to put it here hope this is right...lol

    Hello, just wondering if you could give some insight in my situation. I was together with my partner for nearly 20yrs, married 13yrs we have seperated. I feel we both made mistakes (3mth prior to the end with stress and pressure)but he says he's not willing to try and work it out which upsets me greatly as we have four beautiful childeren all young. My gut and people around me are saying just leave it move forward and he will come back to you, as we were great friends over the years as well but now he seems angry and lost also says he got over the relationship in a mth is that true?, what do you see happening???? , Thankyou so much for sharing your gift

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  • Hi, forgiveness75! Sorry it's taken me awhile to get to your post....Could you please give me yours and your ex's birth dates? Thanks! 🙂

  • My date of birth is 23/09/75 and his is 09/07/74

  • forgiveness75, you and your ex did have vastly dissimilar outlooks in some areas, and it was something of an "opposites attract" that you got together. You are both loyal and devoted in love. However, he was more adventurous while you would prefer to have a night in. You are more quiet and tactful and he was more outgoing. Also, you expressed your feelings differently. You were more levelheaded and he was more moody.

    I think the problem above all was he had a deep-rooted fear of commitment. This is confusing for you because he had a "You are The One" attitude for a while, and I understand your pain. But he is unable or unwilling to commit long-term now, which is his loss. Years from now, he will regret losing you, but right now, he believes he has moved on. Right now, focus on taking care of yourself and your children, and healing from the hurt. And you will heal. Take things one day, one step at a time and do things that make you happy, like a hobby or volunteering or spending time with your kids. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Thanks Junemoon, I know you are right but it does hurt with his behaviour the fact the has not seen the kids for 12wks and when we are in contact he just calls names or is aggressive, it just hurts that someone that I was with for 19yrs and shared Best friends relationship could be so cruel. I do think maybe it's my karama maybe I did something to receive this treat and for our kids. But I do thank you for your insight and will take your advise.

  • forgiveness75, you are welcome. I'm sorry he is being so cruel. I doubt that it is karma causing his behavior (because if it was, you'd probably remember what you did, and also, I sense it isn't). Even if we do many, many good things and try to be our best people possible, and are kind in our interactions with others, bad things can still happen to us. All of us go through our lives paying off (sometimes) and racking up (other times) karmic debts. We are born into each new life to learn something and to pay off karmic debt we built up in our past life (by doing bad things, intentionally or not). As for your ex, he is only accumulating karmic debt. He will have to pay it sooner or later, in this life or the next. Hold your head high and focus on moving on and being your own best person, and you will be rewarded. Good luck, and best wishes!

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