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  • I am 40 years old and have been waiting for mister right to have a family with. Now, it's too late for children. Through the years I've met some wonderful men and had good (and bad) relationships but for one reason or many the relationships fail. I end up ending them due to gambling or lying or just growing apart.

    I met someone who is like me never been married, no children, we enjoy a lot of the same things, and believe in God (very important to me)...but, I've had multiple readings that say it's still not going to work and he's not ready.

    So why does the universe keep sending me these people into my it to show me everything I can't have? Is this Karma from a previous life? I have friends that have seemingly good marriages and families. To be honest, I am tired of dating and just want a solid relationship with someone who wants a relationship, too.

    thanks for reading.


  • You are certainly not too late for children.

    And the lesson that the universe has been trying to teach you is that it doesn't work to depend on other people to make you happy - you make yourself happy first and then you will be able to make other people happy, not vice versa as you have been doing.

  • Moni,

    Where do you mainly find your relationships ?

    In this case, I feel a man with children and who has been divorced or never married

    could turn out to do you greater good, I feel a man maybe even a few years older than you but Youthful, will fit you ,you'll even find to have more in common. Because It will be interesting for you, A man with experience of real relationships and family is not what your core wants. This guy here could be possible but I feel hes looking to still LIVE LIFE somewhat free, he like you because have no attachments however I feel he isnt ready for the solid and committed life he more so wants and indiviual to be with but on his level which dosent involve being so committed and slowing down but someone to have fun with with no major ties.

  • excuse me on that error,

    *a man with real relationship mean and family oriented is what your core really wants.

  • Thanks for the comments. I was feeling a little sorry for myself, it happens sometimes. I am not depending on others to make me happy...I am happy in my life; except my love life. I have good friends and am busy. It would just be nice to meet a man that is in a place in life to have a relationship w/o making it complicated. I don't want to be single anymore and don't enjoy clubs...a cozy dinner and a few drinks with a life partner is what I am looking for.

    Thanks again for commenting......


  • I'm drawn to your post and feel empathy. You are very much looked after by many strong female guides. First a voice shouted break the big clock! You definetly are not too late for children--please trust in the big picture and that God often dreams bigger dreams than we can imagine--the possibilities are endless. Don't try so hard! Let go of the wheel a bit. Part of your recent axiousenes is global--we all felt it to different degrees--lots of shifting going on--changes---for some right on time for others feel the last minute rush. For those most unsettled by change and control issues this is an unsettling time. Spirit advises above all else do not crave too intensly for a mate right now. Your desires have a energy choice-- There is visualization and then letting go--a good craving but there is the not so good energy choice called desperation. Desperation attracts the worst sometimes and clouds the perception with wishful thinking that leads us astray and blinds us to red flags. You are just as much grounded as emotional so it is in your power to feed the grounded part of you and just trust all is well--all is on time and there is a man for you and you will have the family. Leave the details to the divine plan and live in the moment--be happy just as you are--right now and that content energy will manifest like a well built nest ready for more. Blessings.

  • Moni, your thread also attracted me, boy did you get some beautiful words of wisdom..I am not a reader, I seek for answers like you..:)I just thought I would write this to you.

    I have three Children, a 10 year old daughter, a 23 year old son and a 24 year old son..I just wanted you to know that it wasn't to late for children..:)

    I had my daughter Just before I turned 49...Yes, at first I thought Oh my...But she was another gift from above and she was perfectly healthy..

    Of course,age does at time makes a difference with us..But i never thought in a million years that I would have another child..I am trully blessed.

    Hugs, Love, Peace, and blessings to you.


  • Moni says - "I am not depending on others to make me happy...I am happy in my life; except my love life." Moni you are conradicting yourself. You are looking for someone to make you happy - it's normal. But an unhappy person attracts only similar types. Give love to yourself, treat and pamper yourself and put yourself first for a bit - then your happy vibes will be wondrously attractive to others.

  • Shatz...It's great to read that you had a child later in life. The percentage of conception goes down to 20% when a woman hits her 40s. Then to have a healthy baby is also decreased. So, it's reasuring to hear when someone had a child later in life and all is well. It keeps my hopes up. thanks.

  • Bimoon,

    That was an insiteful reading or observation. Letting go and living in the moment has always been difficult for me. Thank you for the words of wisdom and Bless you.

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