I can't get this off my mind!

  • I am a Gemini who is deeply in love with an Aries whom I have lived with for 2 years now. We both have teenage children from previous marriages and just recently had a child together. I truly believe him when he says that he is commited 2 me however, he comes up with numerous reasons which consistently change as to why he is waiting. He has never lied to me in the past but now is clearly lying. He knows that I beleive strongly in the commitment of marriage and would not of agreed to have a child with him if I thought that he would not marry me. So, what's the real reason that he is not making the commitment of marriage to me. Please be straight forward with me. This is really bothering me so much that I may do something that may ruin my relationship with him forever.

    Please help!


  • I think he feels that you want to be married in order to make sure he is definitely tied to you. And your Aries man hates the idea that you might have an ulterior motive for marriage. He likes to be independent and free, not to have affairs but just to live his life.

  • Thank You!

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