LOST DRIVER LICENSE in my apartment been looking for days please if anyone

  • Lost my drivers license really really need it and i keep looking even in the same spots i cannot find it anywhere ive been driving without my license .Please if i may ,can someone help me THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  • Just lovely ..Nobody wants to help

  • Try using a pendulum and do the hot/cold game. That's what I do when I lose stuff.

  • To find a lost article try:

    1. If you pray - pary to St Anthony - by your grace lead me to my drivers' licence hiding place.

    2. Calm yourself, breathing, have a bath, go for a walk, read, listen to music - let go the tension, anxiety and fear about NOT 'losing' but misplacing the D/L. Stop focussing on word lost. When you are calm and relaxed - Focus on seeing the D/L in your hand - see your name, birthdate, colours, shape, images and icons you recall on the D/L. Visualise finding the D/L and place a time - 20 minutes. Do something in the house or garden, which distracts you for a minimum of 15 minutes. If you've it's been a long time since you last had the D/L then allow more time. Keep doing what you need to do, which does not require driving. There might be something you need to complete and once it is done, you'll find your D/L.

    3. You may not be able to find your D/L because a greater power is protecting you. Stay where you are, don't drive and cancel anything, which requires you to drive that day. Do the same the next day.

    4. If there is an issue, conflict, something unresolved - just do it.

    Try these and you will find your D/L. Otherwise just go and have it re-issued. Keep it simple, remove anxiety and recognise why you are not meant to drive at present.

    Hope it helps. It's never failed me. I'll send you an angel to help you and keep breathing calmly.

  • Are you sure it is inside? Look for it around water, bathroom, kitchen sink possibly outside by a water hose.

  • Everyone thank you for your responses@kitty eyes im praying as well I will try praying to saint anthony ,that completely slipped my mind ! @ endless 1987 wow the funny thing is you had me look in the place where my expired license was WOW ..still .That was in the kitchen drawer so you were right on , im going to go and check outside i dont have have a hose but i have a little yard very small though . be right back

  • endless@1987 I didnt find it anymore ideas ??

  • Did you go anywhere out of the house by water in the last few days since you lost it? Some place that may have a lost and found........I just don't feel like it is in the house, but I just can't get the "water" away from it!

  • Hmm last few days im thinking i went to a pool party a few weeks ago about 3 weeks ago

  • Hum I just had another thought do you have a laundry room? Is it somehow stuck in around or near the washer?

    How long has it been gone?

  • No i dont have a laundry room its been gone since i noticed last weekend ! basically thats when i realized it wasnt where i thought it was i believe the last time i used it was the 8th of july i went to a bar with my sister inlaw on a thursday .. : ( im confusing myself

  • Ah I see.

    I still feel water. Check with the bar, the pool party people and where you've done your laundry at. If its not there then the other poster is right time to get a new one because it is around....but "hidden" from possible places that YOU remember about!

    The other thought is any pant or short pocket that you have worn in the last week. May have went thru the "wash cycle" but now nice and clean!

    Stressing I know but humor you have to have it or you'll go crazy! :~)

    Good luck and I am sorry I can't be of any more help!

    I would carry around the old one if I were you and if stopped explain the situation. I wouldn't wait past Monday or Tuesday at the latest to get a new one if it doesn't find its way to you by then!

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