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  • CapCat, whether you date or not is up to you, isn't it, not some random act of fate? If you really want to attract someone, you will. But if you have any fears that might prevent you from attracting someone, you won't. What happens will show you whether or not you have any love issues to deal with. If you have not dated in a long time, that would indicate there is something in you that is not ready to have a partner.

    The change in your career is some sort of upgrade or adjustment in your studies.

  • Captain~ First, thank you so very much for the response post~ and for sharing your insight with me 🙂 I guess I have been a bit confused about the whole relationship thing for quite some time~ maybe "misinformed"~ I know that my idea of what a relationship is has changed over the past couple of years as though I am brand new to it (39 and feeling new to relationship, imagine!) Anyway, I had this notion that Spirit would bring along the "right" person when it was time. I have been envisioning and clearly defining the person/relationship for a couple of years now and my vision is getting clearer. I guess its time to let go of some of those past fears that never served me~ I thought I was open to relationship all this time!!! I guess I have more work to do 🙂

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  • Perhaps your expectations of 'the right person' may be too high for anyone mortal to fit?

  • Interesting point Captain 🙂 however, those individuals that I have attracted in the past, as wonderful as they are in their own ways, there was something significant that did not make the relationship last~ including my ex-husband who was probably the closest I have come to in finding a great relationship but was clearly not my soul mate~(I do believe in soul mates) and it was not a sexual relationship (partly because of me, partly just because)~ is it asking too much to meet someone and have the fire, have the comfortable, easy companionship, have the great conversation and know that he knows how to take care of himself? That we see the beauty in each other? that we're simply here to love each other and give back to the world with our own unique gifts? I didn't think I was asking too much~ am I wrong?

  • I haven't been on a date!!! and I mean for two years~ surely, there is something off here~ I once had sparks fly years ago over someone and it was not meant to be~ I'd like sparks!! I would like a date! Has there been anyone in my dating past that I said no to that I had mistaken about~ it must have been me all of this time~

    there is my venting for the evening~

  • I feel that you were very early 'made' into a very responsible person and this may make you a magnet for people who can't take care of themselves. Could you be afraid of meeting people like that if you date? You can conquer that fear by loosening the reins of responsiblity that you tie around yourself and let other people take care of themselves for a change. This may not be easy when you are used to doing for others. But now it's time to do for yourself. You must recognise the cut-off point when you stop carrying others around because it only weakens them and put them down so that they can stand on their own feet. Once you stop giving off those vibes that say you are willing to shoulder everyone's burdens, you will meet someone who can be responsible for himself.

  • Thank you once again Captain, for bringing to light something that I feel has been evident in my relationships~ I also recognize that I have things to work on within myself (thank you for pointing those out as well)~ always grateful for your insight~ with love and light, CapricornCat

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