• Hello All,

    There may be a good reason why there are those who have very active dating lives and those of us, like myself, who can go without a single date for over a year-- I just haven't figured that one out yet 🙂

    Any insight would be helpful and appreciated.


    birthdate Jan. 3, 1972

  • CC,

    Your Soul & Personality Cards are the same. You are a Hierophant V.

    I, too, am a Hierophant and my dating life seems to resemble yours. We tend to focus on other things rather than the "mundane" world of dating.

    We're too busy being the bearers of structure or alternately tearing down structures. We have a different calling and often it is a calling of being alone with our ruminations.

    Study this card. Look carefully at the image. Sleep with it under your pillow and record any dreams you might have. Research the history of this card (once known as "The Pope"!)

    We like things rigid, structured, ordered, etc. and often don't have time or patience for something as "messy" as dating. We'd much rather be alone or mate and call it a day.

    Does any of this resonate for you?

    Blessed be.

  • Thank you gwaichmal60--and yes it ALL resonates with me-- I don't even like the "dating" process-- I rather just be in relationship--- I will research this card thoroughly (I love to do that 🙂 and thank you so much for that insight... I will remind myself now to trust that the right person will come at the right time 🙂

    thank you again

    with gratitude and blessings.

  • Oooh--gwalchmai60--talk about resonation! "We'd much rather be alone or mate and call it a day" made my strings sound with sympathetic vibration! I dated like crazy when young--like a little kid in a candy store trying out everything so I knew what I'd LIKE. Alone (with plenty of friends for company) has always been more comfortable for me that dating people just for the sake of dating! My GF is single after a 10 year marriage & acting like a teenager. ME? Single after a 10-year thing--took a few years alone--now ready again but NO INTEREST in what she tells me is "fun." Fine on my own without that messy foolishness--til I connect with one I can swim & go as deep as the well of love can be with!

    Cards that consistently come up for me--throughout life: High Priestess & Empress--lately getting a lot of Star, World, Chariot, Wheel of Fortune--& the Lovers, Emperor & Magus!

    any insights? I am grateful!

    My b-date: June 24 1955

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