Help with interpretation please

  • Hi,

    Im very new to tarot. i did a classic horseshoe love spread and i dont know how to interpret it.

    my question was : would X and i have a proper relationsip and the cards fell in the following order:

    1 - Emperor Reversed

    2- Judgement Reversed

    3- I cant remember the card

    4 - Emperess Upright

    5- High Priestess reversed

    6 - Chariot Upright

    7- Lovers upright

    If anyone can help me to sort out this interpretaion i would be really greatful 🙂

  • Hello Annelined, I found this wonderful website which is free and does some great readings. Perhaps you could learn from it! Just a thought......... :-

    try it, it's fab! 😄

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