• Hello All,

    I wanted to say how fortunate I feel to come across such a wonderful community of gifted and generous people--it is wonderful to have the opportunity to be a part of this forum of healing. Thank you all for sharing your gifts and for your insight.

    I would appreciate any comments or advice about Creativity-- and self expression--- My birthday is January 3, 1972 and I have been handling some critical challenges in many parts of my life for the last couple of years. Creativity, I know is a key to my joy along with other spiritual practices and yet I struggle with the discipline to create.

    Any response would be appreciated.

    In Gratitude,


  • CapricornCat ,

    Hello, Sure I'd be glad to help you..

    My Thought on this is, I feel you have a routine throughout your life

    wheather your aware of it or not.. Sometimes you can be a little skeptical

    with even the littliest changes, and espeically with people.

    There are two major things that we must utilize to CREATE ,

    Our IMAGINATION and PEOPLE.. we must utilize our Imagination and

    our minds to the fullest because thats where everything manifest then is produced

    in the Physical realm. Including meditation which is a good step to allow

    creativity to come through to you. DOnt be afraid to explore your mind,

    its natural its one of a kind, & its all yours. Our Imagination is the only place

    we are completely free, no one can invade, It has no limitations either.

    People: to utilize people is VERY important, every person is significant in some way

    and capable of helping somehow. Its important that you open up to people as well

    I feel you sometimes hold back because TRUST, it takes a little while for you to TRUST.

    Trust your Intuition also, I feel you have GOOD intuition but you hold it back because

    you limit yourself in a way.. your ego begins talking to you which often leads you to the logical practical route of circumstances. Thats the thing about intuition it makes no sense sometimes

    but the results are always one of a kind, because its unthinkable.

    Let people INSPIRE you, thats where creativity begin by Inspiration

    I talk to so many different kinds of people each day and sometimes it just begina with an

    HELLO or a smiling gesture and turn out to be a full blown conversation

    You never know what information people may be able to offer you now-a-days.

    What area of creativity are you looking to expand ? Art, Fashion, Inner creativity, ect ..

  • Dear addictdtoriches!-- Thank you for your generous insight-- thank you for taking the time to respond and share--- Your wisdom resonates with me--- There are those rare days when I wake with meditation and great beauty is within me and around me-- those are the days when I walk in Beauty and I am open to all the gifts of the day-- whether they come from nature, people or my joyful soul-- these are the greatest days and I yearn to have more. Feeding myself creatively is what fills and sustains my energy and by creatively, I mean physically creating art it seems, as well as dance -- self expression must be at the root for it to be fulfilling-- writing is also something that has a strong vibration for me--- I suppose the struggle is in incorporating it in an already busy life with three small children! (I failed to mention this, I know) There are many days when inspiration does not come but I will certainly use your wonderful advice in your previous post-- it is a great reminder for me and I thank you for this. I look forward to chatting with you more 🙂

    *how do you describe inner creativity-- I'm quite curious.... I have my ideas but would love to know yours.....

  • CapicornCat,

    Thats Great that you are able to indulge in meditation its a great experience

    and to have with self, I feel we all come to that point in our lifes where we yearn

    for a higher level of creativity..Creativity ranges on so many levels from art,

    to our personal lives. Thats Great, art & dance can also be used as a form of meditation

    anything that focuses energy so thats a great outlet for you.. Just go with that gut

    feeling you have it, Teach yourself to Trust.. i feel you will be amazed at the results.

    Kids are such a blessing, Even have these 3 get involved, kids are naturally intutive

    and can make the creativity process more interesting.

    Inspiration is everywhere, On the television, the newspaper, internet and even here.

    when your inspired your touched, and your heart is open to recieving. Inspiration

    leads to creativity. When I come to tarot Im inspired as well in so many different ways.

    Inner creativity Is from within.. how your personal life revolves, how you think,

    how you use body language, how you speak, how you walk, how you dress.

    All of these things represent our inner selves and our inner creativity..

    How we choose to be, because we choose how we interact BUT everything

    starts from within. Its creativity because we create how we choose to create ourselves

    but at the same time we are inspired by people for instance when we see celebrities or powerful people doing good things such as giving back or helping out somehow we want to emmulate that person to become better because we're inspired by greatness of it

    and it just become a cycle of life to be inspired that could be the reason you create an community organization or so..the list goes on.

  • thank you so much for your wisdom on this addictdtoriches! I greatly appreciate it! You have such a generous, beautiful spirit about you. Namaste, CapricornCat

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