Would appreciate a Dream Interpretation.

  • Hi frends,

    i saw this dream a few days back where i was in a room with my grand-father and my mother (they both have expired few years back, in the same year though). we 3 were obviously feeling like we have met after long time. they were both crying (noiseless cry with tears flowing). Also, I didnt hug any of them but we just reached out to hold hands. i and my grandpa were on a bed, so i first held his hand tightly as he was crying and then my mom was lying on a bedsheet on d floor, i reached out for her hand as she gave me her.

    what cud it possibly mean ??

  • Sounds like you miss your family a great deal. I do believe that our loved ones that have past on do come to us from time to time. The three of you you were there to comfort each other and they will probably be back to see you again. Maybe next time you dream of them it wont be so sad. Because they obviously love you a great deal the not hugging them was so that the encounter would not be any harder than it had to be. It was their way of letting you know they are still watching over you and want you to know that you will be alright. Your Mom on the bed sheet on the floor is to let you know she finally is resting peacefully. Sincerely, NeptunyNee'

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