Need guidance and insight please

  • I have 3 paths i can follow and only really considering two -

    I am a gemini 6-20-1976 I am female

    one path deals with 5-18-72 this path has alot of history and is difficult to get over the issues at hand.

    second path is 3-24-65 - this path is the one that has the strongest hold on me - i havnt quite figured out why.

    third path is 9-15-71 - this one is confusing me greatly - the power i get from this varies drastically day to day.

    thank you so much in advance! I am just getting terrible headaches from the desicion that needs to be made. cant sleep. trying to figure out where i stand and what is going on. I feel physically weak.

  • Actually you have a fourth path which is probably the best of all for you right now.

    4. Stop worrying about finding a partner and concentrate on finding YOU. You can't decide which person is right for you because you are not in touch with what you really want. Spend some time alone getting to know yourself. Then you will be able to tell if you are drawn to someone because you like them or because you think they will fill some deep need in you (which they won't be able to because you are the only one who can fulfill your own needs).

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