Desperate need of hope and

  • Hi All...I am feeling so lost lonely and scared.I am taking care of my mother after a stroke among other health issues,and it is very scary to see her decline so and be so powerless. My sisters and I all seem to be at odds when we really should be pulling together at this time. I think I am doing my best but also think I should be doing more. My personal life is non-existant at this time and I really could use some help figuring out where I can place effort that will acheive positive results the soonest so I can create a referance point to build off of. My own health, financial and emotional prospects areall looking too bleak for me at this time . Please if anyone can reach out to me with guidance and advice I would greatly appreciate it. DOB is 11/04/66 amityville ny 6:23 am.....thank you!

  • Penancing, you are entering a time of endings - saying goodbye to the things that have helped and supported you this far but that you no longer need for your growth. This even includes your mother. You have become her carer so that your roles of parent-child are reversed - so that you can let go of being the needy child and stand on your own feet. It's hard for you to lose loved ones because of your deep feelings and sensitivity but you have the strength of character to survive. You are a fighter by nature.

    You must learn how to detach emotionally when things get tough - it is the only way for you to clearly see a solution. This time asks you to get rid of everything that is not working for you - springclean your life of old habits, attitudes, fixed beliefs, traditional ways of doing things, and emotional fixations. Look for new ways of doing and behaving - you are becoming a new person. Stop doing things the way you think they OUGHT to be done and look for alternatives. If that means your mother needs more care than you can give her, then you have to accept that. You are moving from thinking of others to putting more energy into your own life. You must care for yourself as much as you care for others. An imbalance either way will not result in happiness.

    You need to find some time alone to objectively review your life and use those fine analytical abilities to decide how to bring about the best outcome for yourself. Put aside all depression or your tendency to worry and use your innate sense of fairness and empathy to do right by all - especially by yourself. You only make other people around you happy when you are giving off happy vibes. So helping yourself ultimately helps others. too. You have the talent to accumulate great wealth if you can remain objective and not let emotion or fear interfere with your decision-making. Instead of turning life's challenges inward into self-destruction, use your innate abilities to enrich and fulfill your life.

    You do know what you need to do - you are just afraid of appearing selfish if you do it. But it's not selfish to have some consideration for your own life. You deserve it.

  • Oh Captain! thank yousomuch. Thatis alot to absorb and reflect on....and right now I really should be sleeping so I can show upfor what I have to be doing tomorrow,but I just wanted to let you know of my surprise and joy I felt when I saw your response.I will reply more when I have rested a bit.

  • Just so you know you are not alone, Penancing - there are many people here who wish you well and will help when you need a kind word or bit of advice.

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