Pisces Craft Challenge

  • Pisces may be the dreamiest sign of the zodiac. The sign of the Fish is all about focusing on the subconscious -- dreams, illusions, delusions and spirituality. It's the ideal inspiration for artists and creators! Starting February 18, mine Pisces' profound creativity to create a piece of art entirely your own!

    This month's Cosmic Craft Challenge asks you to take a common household object and, in true Pisces fashion, unleash your inner associations and sense of beauty! Revamp a simple fishbowl, use it as part of a greater piece or reconsider it in any way that strikes your fancy. The size of the project and the supplies you use are entirely up to you.

    So get crafty! As we close another cycle around the zodiac, take a moment to use Pisces' reflective energies ... and channel them into an eye-catching project!


    • Post a photo, scan or upload of your craft, as well as a description of how you made it, from February 18 to March 13 in the Pisces Craft Challenge Forum folder.

    • Polling will happen from March 14 to March 19, with live results displayed in the Forums. Each participant may enter only ONE project.

    • The lucky winner will be announced on March 20, when the Sun is in Aries.

    Simply hit "Reply" to enter. Good luck and happy dreams! For more celebration of the Sun in Pisces, head to the Sun in Pisces Page


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