Captain could u give me some insight please?

  • ive had some trouble at work i beleive someone was talking bad about me to the boss.

    i asked to be transfered is the person gone ? will it be better at this other job? thank u any advice will be helpful thanks kathy

  • Has your boss actually said something negative to you?

  • yes and i dont know if it came from the manager or if she was just talking

    i cant tell how the boss feels about me.but the manager has retired now so i was wondering if

    the things will get better.

    thanks kathy

  • Captain I am new to this page...and really dont know how to ask your advice on my own I hope my friend kathy doesnt mind me using a little piece of hers... LOl

    Anyways I would like some insight on what direction to take with this guy I have been seeing for the past 3 months.

    my birthday is 11/10/76 and his is 09/11/77

    Thank you

  • Stranger33, please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" at the top right of this page and I will answer you there. It's not about whether your friend minds you using her thread but that it can make it hard for me to read for someone when there are more than just the one vibes to read in a thread or when I haven't finished asnwering the first poster.

  • Kathy72, the best way to show you are a good worker is by digging in and producing good work. Your job will not be threatened if you behave honestly and diligently as you can. Running away somewhere else is not the answer. Proving you are a trustworthy and good worker is. Any boss knows not to listen to unfounded hearsay without proof.

  • thecaptain

    thank u for the advice


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