Insight for a new relationship!!!!

  • I have been in a new relationship for about 3 months, i know its still early, nut i am very confused about his feelings for me. He recently started a new, very stressful job about a month ago, so i understand that he is very busy. my intuition tells me that he is afraid of his feelings for me, but i'm not sure of this. i am a libra and he is an aquarius. Could someone please help me with this situation.

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  • Hi" Dmp" well it's a new relationship, take it easy, it's an aquarius they like their freedom

    can you please explain more what is your concern, it doesnt seem clear at the moment


  • He just seems either hot or cold. He'll text me every day, then all of a sudden i do not hear from him for days, then every day again. I was just wondering if my intuition is correct.

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