I need some advice please from anyone. Please

  • I started to communicate with a gentleman who has been in London for over a year now working. He is returning to the States early to try a relationship with me. I really do like him a lot, but something in the past 2 days isn't settling well with me. I received a message early this morning and haven't heard anymore from him. He claims he loves me very much, but I don't know what to think of it all.

    He has friend ed a lot of my friends and Someone even went head to head with him about his intentions. He was really nice with his reply to her. This was about 1 month ago. I want to make sure that his intentions are correct and have a feeling he is due back here in the States soon, to surprise me.

    He is also mysterious, but has appeared upfront also. My birth date is 4-15-1967, aged 43 and a single Mom of 3.

    Thank you in advance.

  • You are right to be wary. This gentleman is rushing things by telling you he loves you. Keep him at arm's length until you can be sure of his motives. Do nothing hasty. You only really get to know someone in the flesh.

  • Nothing is as it appears to be..:( REALLY look into this ...and DON"T run into this!! Sending lots of love and prayer your way!!

  • This isn't very encouraging. If he makes an appearance, how do I keep him away. Is he looking at it for a financial gain, for down the road? Should I just tell him to move on? Is he a part of a scam?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you both!

  • Captain or Seasidelas,

    I did notify law enforcement today. They recommended I lock him out of everything. I worry about problems though if I do that. They have everything on record and are doing some research now. I just need to figure out how to handle this properly and was wondering if either of you could see anything. I feel either way, there will problems, but I want the least amount of problems.

    I appreciate you both.

    Thank you so much!

  • How many personal details does this man have about you? Does he know your address, for example?

  • Yes he does Captain. He had it figured out already. I had notified the State Police and they feel he won't do anything, but I feel different. The Troopers feel it is a scam from Nigeria that the steal credit cards over the internet and purchase things to resell or to give. It goes from Nigeria to London to be filtered then to the US. He feels I will just get packages with expensive gifts, At which point I am to call the Troopers, it will be recorded and they will return it to sender, so I don't get into trouble. I told him, I am the lucky 5% though.

    I still feel he will try something and want to be prepared.

    Thank you for your help, Captain

  • This post is deleted!

  • Let's try this. I had to crop it.

  • Yes, this is a definite conman - but I feel this is not the only man who has contacted you in this matter. I feel he has several partners-in-crime who also pretend to be him but use his photo so as not to give away their identities. Like your friends, you should just ignore his contacts. They all prey on lonely vulnerable women and tell them what they want to hear. They don't feel violent to me so I don't expect they will pursue you if you ignore the scam.

    You do need to ask yourself why you were so easily fooled. Is your need for a partner worth more than your self-esteem and safety? Use your gut feelings - your intuition - next time before you engage your heart.

  • Thank you Captain. I feel much more at ease now. lol We all have been ignoring whoever he/they are. So now I can sleep soundly and know that it's definitely over! That certainly will not happen again!

    Thank you so much for your knowledge, gift, talents and reassurance!

    God Bless you!


  • I got a bad feeling reading your first post, be careful!

  • Thank You Poetic. I have been cautious. I had one friend trying to provoke him and I have told her to stop. Last night we even had words about it. She hasn't replied to his messages, but still provoking. She also isn't happy for me telling her to knock it off either last night, as I have asked previously.

    There has been no word from him in about a week. I am believing they have found others. There is a woman in another town, in my State going through the same thing too. At least mine is reported and everything is saved. Everything...

    They even have the phone numbers and all. 2 being actual landlines... I will continue praying...

  • The FBI shoud get him.

  • That would be great, as long as the State Police did their job! I just want it over with. lol

    Thank You!

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