HansWolfGang. can i get a reading please?

  • Hello, i find your style of readings very interesting. One morning I wrote a very good poem out of the blue, i never done that before. Does that poem have more meaning that I know of? meaning is the univers telling me something? Love question. My ex turn out to be a sex addict. Will he realize and except he does have a problem? I dotn think i will ever talk to him again, so I want to make sure he will fix that big problem that can put his job in jeperty because it also includes alcoholism. Any court action headed my way?

    my bday 1-26-1981 his 12-17-77

    Thank you Hans

  • s* e* x addict

  • bump

  • Hans,

    Could I please have a general reading .

    Much appreciation.


  • Hi Hans,

    So sorry...in my request, I forgot to include my birthday (3/17/58) and my husband's (7/31/59).

    Looking forward to your reading.


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