Any Leo women dating Aries Men?

  • I'd be interested in hearing your views as to this kind of a relationship. I find my Aries man extremely frustrating but irresistable at the same time...go figure. If you have any insights about these two signs together, I'd love to hear them.

  • I have an uncle whos an Aries,he got married to this girl..Whos now my aunt.=P Shes a Leo.

    They're both fire signs.So I think they go pretty well together.

    My uncle kind of has a "Me first" attitude...And it pisses my aunt off pretty bad.:P

    But since shes a Leo,she likes to "Rule" once in a while.But sometimes she feels ignored,shes very sensitive,so sometimes she also feels unappreciated.:P But my uncle loves her to death.And she knows that.So,yeah.She tries not to take it too personally.

    Overall,I think they make a really cute and loving couple.^_^

  • My Mom was leo , dad was aires and they were great together...........this does work!

  • Hey CottonTail,

    Wow, you totally hit the nail on the head...haha. Exactly what I am noticing with my Aries guy, he has a complete Me First attitude and it pisses me off to no end. I do feel ignored at times and am also very very sensitive...just amazing what you've said as I can so totally relate. I also try not to take things too personally. I think he really cares about me so I will have to just wait and see where it goes. Thanks again for the comments, I chuckled when I read them as they were so true to me.

    StClaire, thanks for the comments, I hope it works but I guess only time will tell.

  • Togirl44,

    Haha,yeah.I guess I observed these things pretty well.=P

    And yeah,I think you should just wait and see what happens.(=

    I hope it'll work for you guys though!

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