Deja Vu and other things

  • Hi all, this is a bit of a random post but I just thought id bring up the topic of Deja Vu (sorry if theres a thread already abt it, couldnt be bothered looking!)

    I find that i get very strong Deja Vu, usually before or after really big changes in my life...

    I read somewhere that Deja Vu is the universes way of telling you that your life is on track, and the 'visions/thoughts' that are coming to you are like metaphorical signposts.. does anyone share this view?

    Iv been having alot of Deja Vu recently so im eagerly anticipating a big change 🙂

    heres something weird that happened to me recently..

    I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep one night a few weeks ago, so for some reason i started planning out my wedding (not that im anywhere near that stage yet, i dont even have a girlfriend lol), and was trying to figure out what a good date was for it would be.. assuming i found a girl soon, i would prob be prepared to propose after a year and then hav the wedding in 2012..

    i had the idea that id like it around summer time (southern hemisphere), but december or january wouldnt be ideal cos id assume alot of people would be on holidays..

    I didnt want it in february cos thats when my father passed away.. and i didnt want march cos the number 3 just didnt look right!

    so i figured April would be ideal.. then thought that it would have to be on a saturday.. and i came up with the 13th of april (not knowing what day the 13th fell on), because 4+1+3= 8 which is my life path number.. so anyway, iv had this weird plan in my head and i decide to look up the date 13/4/2012 on my phone and sure enough its a saturday! i found that beyond strange, so i recorded it in my diary just in case hahahaha..

    but thats not all, i was talking to a new girl at my work about this and she then revealed that the 13th of april is her birthday! crazy...

    so just wanted to share that random piece of life with everyone 🙂 any thoughts or comments are more than welcome!

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