My daily reading

  • You feel trapped by a situation which you feel like you have no control. However, if you look are yourself carefully, you will see that you are the one limiting yourself by your own attitudes and beliefs. The Tower has allowed you to overthrow any ideas and old habits. This didn't necessarily have to happen if you had been aware and willing to face facts. Ace of Cups brings new beginnings. A great time for emotional or creative growth, something that you have hoped for. The Star shows optimism and self-confidence. You have arrived at a positive place that you have been working towards. Good things are coming your way. 10 of Cups promises everything that you have wished for. Reaping what you have sown. The Sun assures success and good times. New beginnings of accomplishment and contentment. The 6 of Rods points to a victory at hand. All your self-doubt has been resolved. You pulled the lucky card of the deck with the 9 of Cups. The symbol of everything you want and ever hoped for. Whatever you really yours. The page of Pentacles brings money and abundance. You are on your way to financial security. Page of Cups brings news of love and marriage. You are ready to take the emotional risk and you are giving it your all and have faith that things will work out.

    WOW. ok, I don't know if this was your intent when posting this....but I felt compelled to review and comment. If I didn't know better, I would say that this was a riddle posted to show us that this is what we all wish for and if we trust the universe....all of this will be ours. So...was this really your daily cards or was this an exercise in learning???

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