Life's Lessons?

  • Does anyone else wonder when "Life's Lessons" start to just become abusive? I know there are many ways that people are able to justify and explain a "loving" higher power but I really cant see it. I know the "free choice" justification but to me whatever is here is there. If we are all part of one conciousness then everything, the good and the bad, including the horrific acts and suffering of this world are all a part of that conciousness and it makes me very afraid. 😞

  • Well, yes I often do wonder the same things, but, I read a book written by, Deepak Chopra and he explains this united conciousness in a way that makes sense of the bad, and the good. I have read at least 4 of his books and I highly suggest them to you, he really will help. If you go to the library they carry his complete collection, but, because his writing is so diverse he is all over the place in there. I suggest using the library computer and do a search on his name, then take your time and decide which will help you the best.

    I hope this helps you!!!

  • Hi, I know how you feel. Something bad happened to me today. You can't change people but you can change yourself. I picture it as a stream or river. It'll flow around an obstacle etc. Sometimes you have to change things yourself. I believe that ultimately we will be judged on how we treated other people. I believe that Jesus is God, another form (human.) Life IS a mystery. In Revelation it speaks about the martyrs who beg God how much longer do people have to suffer. Also, it speaks in the New Testament about those who hunger and thirst after rightousness (Beattitudes.) There is good and bad. Being able to recognise helps. I would have to know what happened to understand your situation. I'm not real familiar w/Carl Jung etc. Collective conscious? Don't know if I buy into that.


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  • Thank you to both of you for your replies. Believe me, it is not without much searching that I am throwing my hands up in the air. I have read so many books, I have many Deepak Chopra books, I have read from many beautiful people, my best include Rabindranath Tagore and Kahli Gibran. I have searched for meaning and looked into anyones life that has inspired me like Elizabeth Kubler Ross and Carl Jung. I think at the end of the day, that this is what we as humans do, we have a deep need for our existence to mean something and for all we endure to be worth something. I have looked into myself and I have tried to create a life that I can understand, I am a pacifist, I dont eat meat, I treat everyone as I would like to, etc,etc but the world encroaches and I cant seem to find a reason for any of it anymore.

  • Hi, I feel the need to tell you to keep looking up. I feel it's probably the people around you (that's my circumstance anyway.) Sometimes it's hard to know the best step to take. I have a feeling that you will take the right one. I feel like breaking free (right now) from a problem that I'm having. There will be consequences if I do. I hate letting circumstances, that I did not create, shape me and my environment. So, I think my situation or what I'm dealing with at present is probably something that you are feeling right now. I guess I can't settle for less that great and the situation I'm in is far from it. So, I must take a different path. I'm in control and everything will be fine. Your in control too and you'll be fine--I'll remember you when I pray.

  • Wow, you really have done your homework! Okay, so lets get real here. Yes, bad things happen to good people all the time, there is no question about it, life is just not fair. But, isn't that the whole point. I mean I beleive we come into this world to learn, that is the only reason we are here. Why? Well that is a question that will never be answered by anyone, it does not matter how many books we read or intelligent people we turn to, no one will ever be able to answer the, why, question. Now, how do we cope with that, well it's called blind faith and I truly mean blind, It does not matter what religion you are, if any at all, the point is we are here and yes we do have free will, but the bottom line is, you have to have faith, blindly, in your beleif systems. I hope you find what you are looking for in your life and I hope I helped a little.

  • Suffering is indeed a mystery, but it is not without meaning and grace.

  • if for no other reason, I am glad that you both replied in ur own ways, with ur own beliefs. if i could take them from you and just put them into me, I would. you have a lovely energy Dahlia, and i hope all goes well for you. ♥

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