For anyone who feels guided...

  • I have a question for anyone who feels guided to answer it.

    I was wondering if I could ask about a, a potential one, anyway.

    He's a coworker and he's expressed some interest in me. (he initially contacted me via a dating site and invited me on an outing while we were at work once. Unfortunately, I had to work that day.) At least, I think he has. I'm painfully shy, however. I think he is, too.

    What I'm wondering is if it's worth pursuing. I'm still relearning how to trust my intuition, especially in regards to romance. (It's hard to be subjective with yourself, isn't it? I like to think I'm getting better at it though)

    My birthday is 11/9/1987. His is 1/16/1984.

    Thank you.

  • A love affair here can be physically passionate but will have difficulty reaching a deeper emotional understanding and can be very confrontational. Both of you keep your true feelings to yourself and your relationship will encounter bottlenecks of repression. However, the relationship can work IF you can both learn to talk to each other and open clear lines of honest communication. You should first see if you can communicate as friends and establish an emotional connection. If not, do not go any further.

  • Often when I am thinking of something or ask myself a question and then I hear a noise immediately after thinking it, I will take it as a yes answer, if it is high pitched esp a ring or bang or tapping or clanging sound. I will take it as a no answer if it is low-pitched or a murmur or sound that is dropping low.

    Can this be a credible tool in metaphysic? It seems to feel right, esp when I need answers and cannot get any from the person I want to answer me.

  • Thanks so much to both of you! I'll try that, Captain. Thanks again!

    Kmuse, I think if it feels right for you, then keep doing it. ❤

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