What is wrong with me?

  • Why has everything gone so wrong? I would love a reading....just so I can get some idea of where my life is going. I feel so helpless.

  • Can you give specifics of what is wrong?

  • Sounds so familiar to myself!! Every time something good happens in my life all hell breaks loose in a matter of speaking beyond my control. Like vehicle repairs out of the blue, loss of income, loss of friends or trying to make friends. I am beginning to feel like I do not exist to anyone but my own family (wife,kids). As most times i'm only known when someone wants something that 80% of the time I cannot give them. I try to just ignore it and drive on through life but it just keeps happening time and again. No replies to emails or post and sometimes phone calls. So where did I go wrong in life or past life and keep getting/felling punished time and again?

    I do have some of my own abilities but they never shed light for myself or people I seem to be working close too or around a few times. Just never gives me my own insight as when I was lots younger having major deja vu's. If you have any insight to help me and our willing then Thank You. If not no problem I wish you the best.


  • BalckWyvern, please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top of the page. This is Mesix's thread.

  • Love the reply!! At least you could have replied with something other then that and put that at the end. Like next time Please make your own Thread.


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  • To help with "both" of your questions, it has been my experience that when things go wrong it really is not "wrong" at all but rather a psychic push.... in a new direction. we are all given messages in dreams, through others, and even whispers in our everyday happenings. but some refuse to listen and we need a kick in the butt or "push" to get our attention and set us straight.

    when it happens again take the time to sit quietly and just ask "what is it that i need to be doing?"what have i missed here?" it does work.

    peace always

  • There is nothing wrong with you and everything around you is as it was meant to be. you got caught up and through your own action things ended --- this is part of life and learning. There is an older woman around you that could shed some light on this for you, that is, if she hasn't already. She's pretty good at seeing things from all different perspectives so listen, okay? Right now, I see you as a little ' blind ' Hang in there --- a message will come that will tell u everything will get better.

  • BlackWyvern, I request separate threads because I do not want to get yours and Mesix's vibes mixed up and give you both the wrong answers.

  • Thanks Julianna. 🙂

  • Now that is a reply I can accept and Julianna sorry but haven't really been on here long enough to know the true etiquette code of conduct. As when I have read other posts and posted my own everyone in the world puts in their own request and yes even annoyed me a little. So I apologize to you all and thanks for the heads up. This is all I was looking for!


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