He is going through his changes

  • Will my ex be back?. he is going through his changes but passes by me, like he wants to say something that was last month, this month he is very cold. distance and avoids me? what gives? can someone answer me and let me know if he is coming back to me for good or is it just a passing phase?

  • What is his sign?

  • libra 10/2/57

  • Hmm.. when my libra was like that, it was because he didnt want to bother me with his bi-polar moods lol, and to want to slowly get over me also, without having to depend on me being around all the time.

    But we're very close, we argue big time when we argue however, after a bit of space, we always come back together to be friends again. Libras dont let go of their exes too easily.. especially if it were serious/lasted a long time.

    I'm wondering .. did you have a big arguement or anything with him ? Sometimes i have to push and push for answers if i feel hes not telling me something 😛 It eventually comes out. So if you feel he really has got something to say, just ask him.

    My dad was a libra too.. the more silent type, towards october time, like yours 🙂

    I didnt really ask or need a lot from him, so i didnt much care for when he was silent lol.. i don't think i would have really noticed it, me being an aquarius !

    Sometimes they just need some space to clear their heads over any unbalanced emotions/thoughts/feelings inside them.

    I'm sure he wouldnt mind if you asked him what was up and if he needed any cheering up ? Libras like to feel cared about. He'd appreciate that you thought of him, at the very least.

  • well he is pissed at me for telling everyone who he really is liar cheat a thief, He would take his girlfriends to ny house*he lived here too) to see what i looked liked and where I live. he made his girlfriend call the cops on me telling them that i am stalking him hes at my house now when we pass each other he lives few blocks away he would look t me from the corner of his eye so she doesnt notice we havent spoken or really seen ech other in 2 months

  • we were together for 17 years

  • hahahah yep thats the bad side of that libra nature i recognise !

    So in a way he hasn't left you alone..

    Haha i did this with my libra too.. made him admit hes a liar etc.. and not only that.. i made him admit it to everyone else too. Took a lot of my energy and drained me. I know how you must feel..

    So why do you care if he is coming back or not ??

    When my libra turned on me, I simply laughed.

    Nothing annoyed him even more so than that !

    The irony that the symbol for libra is the scales.. because it stands for justice yet libras are anything but fair.

    Anyway, in answer to your question ? He will come back to you again,

    the last time mine turned on me, and i laughed it up.. told him where to shove it, and changed my number + everything. After about a month or two, he looked for me everywhere lurked online sites for me,in means to get back in contact with me and even got to such desperation of calling my mum to leave msgs for me ..and emailing me saying he misses me etc.When i was ready, i contacted him, and we made up again.

    So yeah.. yours will come back with his tail in between his legs.. but don't you be easy on him for treating you in the ways that he has done.

  • well he is with someone else

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  • if he has moved on then why on earth is he and his girlfriends and their families who don't live on my end making me feel so special so important


    Our lives go thru many stages and each stage is essential for our growth. Trying to jump over some of those stages will result in a resistance in our bodies. Our emotions will give us false messages, because we have ignored the natural growth process of ourselves. In fact, this can prove detrimental to not only our external relationships, but also to our internal programming. Based on the false messages that we receive, we may move forward into relationships whether platonic or amorous with the wrong information. This is where problems may arise. As a result of the false information that we are armed with we look to others to respond to our internal messages and when they don’t we get angry. We begin to point fingers rather than look inward to see where we missed a step.

    There are times that we desire something that we are not ready for. We may request it, demand it from others and then get angry when we don’t receive it. We then accuse the person of either not being ready for what we desire or the other person is not on our level. However, we attract who we are. Individuals come into our lives to help us get clear on what we truly require and need for our lives. Unfortunately, in our haste to have it all we ignore our own levels of growth and we fail to tell ourselves the honest truth about who we are, where we are and how we feel deep inside. Often times when we accuse someone else of not being ready for what we desire, chances are we are also not ready. We just tell ourselves that we are. People come into our lives for a reason or for a purpose. We make a soul agreement with them and that determines the length of time in which they will be in our lives. When their divine purpose has been served or in other words when our soul has been healed these individuals will either leave our world or shift to fit another capacity in our lives.

    Although an individual’s divine purpose has been served in our lives, we may serve a purpose in their lives. Our divine purpose in their lives has not yet been served. Therefore, our lives will be intertwined until all the purposes have been served. While it can be frustrating, it is imperative to stay focused on the lessons and understand that everything is working towards helping us to be really ready for what we truly desire and that is pure and genuine love.


  • hahahahaha what !

    Let me get this... you feel special and important because he makes a mockery of you ? From what you have stated so far, regardless of starsigns, it seems he really doesnt want you in his life, and you're not getting the message. At first glance, i thought you were describing the childish lil tantrums libras throw sometimes.. but i feel that this story you're giving in onesided cause it most certainly doesnt add up.

  • I amdescribing his tantrim whyon earth would an ex show new gir;flrends where an ex not only lived but what she looks like I would never do that to someone I am interested in that is dserespecteding him or her

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  • These boards here draw many obsessed drama type females and become stalkers here. if they can't find anyone in their own environment to stalk or to drive crazy, they come here to lay out all of their drama and not interested in hearing what they're doing wrong.

    Readers should be helping those who really need and are sincerely seeking advice. not stalking and preying around on the internet driving pretty much EVERYBODY INSANE.

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  • I am feeling much better today LOL some of the dramas I read here really do get to me. probably as a counselor/psychic reader for so many years, it gets so old. I can spot the behavior immediately.

    I need to chill huh? I just had surgery 2 days ago, and my husband 2 weeks ago. we been thru a lot these past 3 months.

    I apologize for coming across as fiery and passionate... LOL

    Ms Sunny

  • Shatz,

    thanks for sharing your email... good read.

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