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  • I was told recently that I had a horrible situation in a past life experience that has followed me to this one. She told me that a woman came between me and my true love and that her energy has remained with me and continues to keep me from finding the right person for me as well as causing the trust issues that I have. I've never been told that before so I don't quite know what to think about that. I seem so intuitive for others which is amazing because I can see so well what different people I encounter cannot yet I can't see for myself. For this reason, I've remained single for 16 years and I'm at a point in my life where I long for the perfect partner.

    Others see me as being so strong, independent, and never giving up but inside, I do get a lot of satisfaction in knowing who I am but it doesn't make me any less lonely. I always thought I would have time to focus on a partner until now. Most of the time, men are attracted to my physical appearance and I'm not sure anyone wants to really know me and find look deeper where the real beauty is. Is this physic right? Will I always have this woman interfering with my quest for true love? Why do I always fall for those that I know will never love me? Will I always be alone? I never believed I wouldn't find a partner but now I'm afraid. Can I really control whether or not men can look beyond my physical appearance?

    Thank you, I'm sorry for such a long post.

    My name is Dana Baker

    Birth date: 1/4/1963 at 11:54 pm

    Birth Place: Houston

  • Dana your not alone i to wonder if i will ever meet or have true love again ,but i do know that i rather be alone than be with someone who is not honest and true and looks is just skin deep its whats inside that matters to me but i do also know physical attraction does play apart .Tooter

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