Taurus and Libra Match made in heaven?? comments plz..

  • So there is this taurus guy I like...Im a libra girl...Would we be a good match or should I just not go there!! ???...Do taurus guys lead secretive lifes?...If they care about someone so much in a relationship would they introduce them to their parents as soon as or is it only if they truly care about them? But if you consider this from the perspective that his mother is quite controlling and would seem as if she wouldnt be long telling him he could do better? Help sought please...

  • A Taurus and Libra can make a good match as long as both are open and honest to each other. As a Taurus myself we can be stubborn and also protective of those we love and will try to shelter them. I speak from experience as I am married to a Libra women and shelter her from 1/2 of my family due to the way they are. She can be stubborn too and refuses to admit anything is wrong when actually there is a problem. Also she has tendencies to jump to conclusion about things before getting the answers by investigating more. Where I want the facts first so I will hear both sides before deciding.

    So just be honest and upfront with each other and be there for each other when either of you need a shoulder to lean on. Also get out and enjoy the world as Taurean's love nature and Libra's love water.

  • I have been with a Taurus man for 4 years and let me tell you it is work. I am a libra women and I have him in my head all the time. He is sneaky to me and just when I want to question him, the wareabouts are always as he says. Taurus men love their mom's and NO just any girl is he going to bring to her. Love him by not being all in to him. He'll come running then. Good luck, they are the most lovin Men (when they want to be)

  • I'm a Taurus, and if we are serious about you then we will present you proudly to everyone in our lives but our tempers will rage if someone intentionally hurts/damages what we hold dear to us. We like to proudly display what we have attained. I've never dated a Libra, but I am surrounded by Libra family members and friends, even my best friend. Libra can become bored with Taurus since we are creatures of habit in almost all aspects of life and can be quite resistant to change once a routine is established. There are lots of similarities in the way Taurus and Libra go about things since we are both ruled by Venus. A love of beauty, arts, love and anything that we can indulge in. I wish you the best of luck!

  • I am a Taurus woman and my ex husband is a libra.......I think that sums it all up! lol

    Actually, when we got along, we got along great, it is just that most of the time we did not get along.

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