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    Id like your help again if that's okay, I know you are a very busy Woman, and need to save your energy for (YOU) which is important i understand that, and whenever you have the time id like to have some answers on things if that's possible.

    My Thoughts and feelings to the lady i talked to you about on the previous thread i made stay the same, i think its something more than just an (Obsession) I think i do generally have feelings for her in the Love kind of way, and i think i am ashamed of it and i do not now what to do about it, she has family of her own, and i am confused because i also like someone else too but not sure weather to go there! You were right about the counseling thing, i have chosen a new course of Health and social care in a new college which i am looking forward too, i know there will be a lot of changes for me to come, but i need to clear this up with this person, because if i do not i will not now which way to go and things could end badly. So some advice and clarification is greatly needed from you. If you need anymore information, i will be gladly to Open up to you with whatever you may Need. But id really like to now because its getting to the point were i just want to well Shout a lot, mainly from frustration and confusion because i don't know what I'm doing.

    Thanks again

    Lots of love

    RebeccaAnn! X

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  • Good Luck Becca,no judgement from me. God loves you no matter what. I hope I'm not imposing ny friend!

  • Thankyou Poetic555 its okay i do dont mind, I just hope she reply's, i Onestly am stuck and i have no idea what to do. its been going on too long and id like to sort it out, so i can set my feelings straight.

    soon as possible.

    Lots of love

    RebeccaAnn X

  • I've read her posts before, shes very very good, with incredibly powerful advise and insight. i hope she comes to you 🙂 x x x

  • Thankyou Ethereal27 🙂 I hope so too! X X X


  • I just want it too all be cleared up, I am very confused still and i have had enough of the nightmares about this situation, is making me really Tired, and barley have enough energy as it is.

    and when i see her next i want to have at least a clear head so i do not do anything Stupid or something id regret later. I Just do not want my feelings to get in the way of anything and need to now if they are True or not.

    Hope to hear from you soon Bimoon.

    Lots of love


  • Becca I think the Empaths are laying low with this Energy thing going on. She'll answer you soon! Love ya!

  • Okay, I guessed that 🙂 Love ya 2

    Bee X

  • Becca did you know everyone has a masculine and feminine side? I used to think that homosexuality is a sin (The Baptist upbringing) but I don't anymore. Love is love is love and it is not for any of us to judge anyone else. Even God has a Feminine Equal/ God/Goddess. I always thought I was opened minded I had a lot of gay friends mostly male until one of my kids came out and I was in shock but live and let live. I think it is better to be loved than to not have any love at all! Have a wonderful weekend! Don't worry. Follow your Intuition. 🙂

  • Thankyou Poetic555 🙂 i guess your right about that, but im going for someone far more older than myself, with a family and child already!!! and im not even sure the feelings real yet, i dunno what im looking for but its racked in my mind that its something More.

    thats why i wasnt to keen on posting this thread anyway, because of being Judged like im a weirdo but im not, its just my feelings and i cant help it. i cant stop thinking about her either which is another problem i cant get away from. To many problems :O) I guess i just make things more bigger than they actually are.

    Blessings to you

    Bee x

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  • Your fear and frustration are a mask for something else. Something is hiding beneath this obssession. By obssession I don't mean that the attraction is not real--it is very real and is meant to help you bring this issue into the light. The attraction feeds the habit of "loosing yourself" into something--- and finding out WHY is not an overnight thing. First, you must resist getting lost in your head--it is isolating and a bad habit that pulls you into depression. You need to have more faith in the words "I'll cross that bridge when I get there". You feed the fear monster by over thinking what will happen or worse doubting a more positive outcome. A good counselour can help you with this as it is not about you and her but more about the feelings you get from this situation. Reread your own post from a detached place and go over the "feelings" you are getting from this--the feelings are the old wound that has not come to the light. What are you really afraid of? Follow that fear because it was real before you met this woman and it hides a past wound that has limmitted you all your life. I see an empty place that should be YOU--you have an early disconect from your true self--you censered yourself at an early age. Something about you screams disproval--you lack approval for yourself and who you are. Your loved ones love you but you are from different planets and you just meekly shy down to confusing different from wrongness. You are young and have not found your others--family is blood yet as we get older we understand we are also part of bigger families of like spirits and meet many others who help us find ourselves and who validate us. You just have not blossomed yet. You have not met your validating others yet but I do see that changing--be patient. Mostly, resist isolation and when thoughts race you must be aware of that bad habit and make the effort to get busy outside your head. You have issues with personal power and will chip away at your own energy. Sounds odd I know but it is more comman than you think. You fear your own power. As a child loved ones found your extra energy scary and encouraged you to tone it down some and you are stuck there. You must recognize the areas that you self sabotage yourself--creating energy wasting thoughts and situations. This is the hidden mask of OBSSESSION. When thoughts exhaust you you must redirect that energy in constructive ways--scrub the floor--clean out a closet--do something rewarding--make yourself SOMETHING CREATIVE--this is free will. Be AWARE of yourself more. Stop trying to analize this attraction--just accept it--it's ok--its not wrong just IS. Let it reveal itself without fear. Let it go and trust you will be fine no matter what it brings. We all feel attractions that may or may not be recipicated--they don't always make sense--and often do make sense years later when we see the forest for the trees. You need to just enjoy her--enjoy thinking the good parts but you do have the power to let go of the fear. Don't waste yourself on fear---love is a good energy--turn it into good things--like a muse--you are creative--make her a muse and build something good with the energy. Blessings.

  • Thank you So much for replying Bimoon, i know you are busy and must have taken a lot of energy from you by doing that, please take the time to relax if you are feeling low again 🙂 i guess your right about most what you said, I do have a friend who is a Counsellor actually, though im not sure she'd want to Counsel me i may have to ask her.

    Funny because i want to be a Counsellor myself aswell LOL 🙂 well im going to try to be one.

    hahaha i like the why you describe Fear by fear monster that does happen, i know i have an over reactive immagination, im not sure what im afraid of, but i guess i will have to do what you say and follow the fear anyway. Like the Fool ill take a leap 🙂 Thankyou again for replying, i really appreciate your time.

    There is one more thing id like to ask but i wont until you reply again, i think i asked it before in the thread last time, this time iv got details to which you can use for what im going to ask, but again i wont ask until you say its Ok.

    Lots of Love to you and again thank you.

    Bee X

  • Ask your other question. I'm fine with responding and you do not tax me in anyway. I only come here when I have the energy. I detach after awhile, so you can remind me if you already asked me something. When I connect with someone it lingers briefly but if it's been awhile I detach. I remember the empathy I have for your issue as you are very creative--artistic--gifted with posability. Sometimes the creative gift comes with a lot of pain--it is all energy--you can't always controll what life hands you but you can use free will to channel that energy. Spend it well--if you must crave at the feet of unreterned love you must honor the muse and put that energy--that angst to productive use. Avoid turning internaly on yourself. Next time your chest is tightening with fear and your mind is racing with uncertainty ask yoursef--is this sensation internal? Focus outside yourself for at least five minutes and you will knpow the answer. You would be an excellent counselour because you will have walked the walk. Blessings. Make something beautiful with childlike freedom.

  • Id like to Know if you can reach this person in any way, Pamela Margaret Keen Or Bonner as thats my last name. 🙂

    (1926 - 2003) 2003 is when she died, shes my grandma

    Birth: February 25, 1926 - Greenwich, Greater London, UK

    Death: April, 2003 (77) - West Surrey, Surrey, England

    She died of an illness i think, im Really not sure what type, because my Granddad did aswell on the same week, which was really weird but you know. I know it was quite a long time but maybe you could see if she has any messages for me :O) That would be Nice.

    I Dont mind waiting for however long it takes to reach her 🙂

    Also Thankyou for the Creativity thing it will help me Im sure.

    I was also curious to know whilst i am waiting to hear something this person i told you about who is a Counsellor is called Louise Milne and her bd is on 12 December not sure what the year is, but she has 2 Kids though, and i was wondering weather i can trust her into asking her to be my Counsellor i dont want someone i dont know, because i wont feel like ill beable to trust them, i work heavily on that word Trust and im not very good at trusting people. but i feel like i can trust her. I know i probably already have that answer but i just want to Clarify if this is a good option, she doesnt live close to me but about 5 hoursish away and we see eachother camping and i have her home Number.

    I know i wont go to a Counsellor unless i feel comfortable about it, and i dont really but this Person is one, and iv known her since i was little.

    I hope its not too much to ask and again i will wait Paitently for your reply, well ill try too :O)

    Hope that is Ok and not too much to ask.

    Thanks again Lots of Love

    Bee x

  • Just have a minute--yes it is good to know the counselour. It helps her see beyound what you tell her. Makes it go quiker as a stranger needs more time to get to know you. Follow your intuitions.

  • Okay Bimoon thank you i will try and see if i can ask her :O) i know it might help

    I hope you can reach my nan, please let me know if you do get anything or any message.

    I Will be waiting 🙂

    Lots of love

    Bee X

  • and id also like to ask something regarding to my friend we were talking about, someone said to me there will be a time when we are living together is this true?

    i was just wondering.

    Bee X

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