I need to know if this capricorn guy I am seeing is worth my time

  • Hello, I am a gemini born 6/19/88, and I just recently started seeing a capricorn born 1/14/81. Everything was great, I think he is a very sweet guy, but I haven't heard from him in a few days. It has left me very puzzled because he seemed to like me too, and there was nothing that happened for him to stop talking to me...I guess I am wondering if he is really worth me being so confused over, i thought we had a connection, but I am starting to think different at this point. Please help.

  • "What you two have in common is your dry sense of humour and also your resourcefulness.Other than that,I can't really see much in common.Capricorn is all about being resposible,taking only calculated risks,planning ahead.Gemini,do you recognize yourself in any of those traits?I highly doubt it.Further more,you both can be rather undemonstrative."

    I myself am a Gemini.I have a really close guy friend,hes a Capricorn.Hes surprisingly very flirty.He keeps on telling me how attractive I am,and how he likes everything about me.From my nature,to my appearance, to the clothes I wear.Its very hard trying to figure out what Capricorns are thinking.Especially the men.I must warn you though,they can be VERY cold at times.I think you should just talk to him.

  • I think the best thing to do with Capricorn men is to be straightforward and honest with them. I think you should just talk to him, too.

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