Please help me to interpret my dream about volcanoes

  • Hello.....I am desperate to find out what this dream means. I had this dream early morning. I was looking out through this glass windows,there were glass windows all around the room where I was standing and I was looking at two volcanoes erupting. And in-between these two volcanoes there was an ocean or a huge lake where my ex husband from 5 years ago was paddling on a boat hurrying to get to the shore. There was people all around the mouth of the volcano jumping happily and watching it erupt and the other volcano was making ash clouds so big. In the mean time, I am watching all this from a distance, my ex husband could see me looking outside from the boat. And my husband who was sleeping comes running,he is all excited and says to me' wow look at these volcanoes, it's amazing'. I am separated from my husband and we have decided not to reconcile. I was very calm and relaxed in my dream and amazed at what was happening. And I woke up...... What does this mean to me ???? Please help.

  • I also forgot to mention that the sparkles from the eruption were falling on the ocean and there were a lot of areas, little spots ...... on the ocean that had fire on the surface and was smoky.

  • From what I can understand of dreams it's all you. There can be turbulence and obvious change going on but you are calm and centered sounds about as good as it can get. How did you feel when you woke up?

    Cheers P

  • I just felt so good and couldn't wait to tell everyone about what an amazing dream it was. I was excited and happy.

  • That's good don't ya think? Since everything in the dream is you, has there been anything erupting in your life? In you? What do these men mean to you now and why were you happy? Because he was safe? Or blown away by it? I've been told that when we repress emotions our dreams will let us know does that make sense to you? I get that it was more awesome than scary. I've asked also about a few dreams I've had that when I woke up I wanted to go back to sleep they were so sweet but from I get it's more about what our dreams particular images, symbols, people, situation mean to us. Like volcano would be scary to me but you sound awe struck.



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