I need some insight on a relationship please.

  • I started seeing this guy that I have known for a year a week ago and everything was great, he was talking to me everyday for four days, we saw each other 3 out of those four. Then on thursday night he text and said he was just getting off work, and I asked him to text me when he got home safe, and nothing...absolutely nothing from him since then. I felt a strong connection with him, there was no problems, why would he just flat out stop communication with me? Was I just crazy for feeling a connection with him? Was he wanting just a fling? Or is he just the typical stand offish capricorn man? My birthday is 6/19/88 and his is 1/14/81. Any answers would be greatly appreciated, because like I said I feel a strong connection with him.

  • Hi!

    Capricorn men can be problematical. How many times a day did you text/call him? Some Geminis love to chat with the people in their lives, but a LOT of men get annoyed if people "bug" them all day.

    It's only been a few days, though, give him some time. Send him one more message saying "Am I too chatty? Do I message too much? I'll stop for now - not ignoring you, but you know I want to hear from you when you're ready!"

    If you ask me "Wouldn't he just TELL me if I was annoying him?" - no. People (men and women both), will tell all their friends stuff like that, but not the person themselves. Next time you hear someone complaining, ask them "Did you tell them that?" ... I guarantee the answer will be "no".

    But I don't see him calling. You have the Two of Cups (a new love affair) in your recent past, and the Seven of Cups (you may be misinterpreting reality; wishing for something does not make it so) in your recent future. The rest of your cards indicate that the non-romance parts of your life are suffering because you're using too much energy worrying about him, and are distracted

    Also, when people say "I feel a strong connection" - you're only feeling your own feelings, not his. It's very possible he's already gotten what he came for, and isn't interested in more. Even if he does come back, I don't see it as a long term thing - he definitely does not feel love like you do.

    I'm sorry for that, but cherish the nice parts of what you (briefly) had, and look forward to the next adventure life has for you.

    Love & Light



  • Thank you so much.

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