Very ill health from 2 years ........

  • Hi i am very ill from Nov 2008, i have Physical pain in Abdomen and Mental Frustation, The pain is somewhat strange.It has Destroyed My career and Willingness to Live Guide ME ....any health related goodnews from planets ?

    10 feb 1992

    8.55 am indore India.

  • I feel that you are a very empathic person who easily picks up and is affected by other people's emotions. You can feel very ill if you don't learn how to protect yourself from these strong feelings from others. You must establish some strong emotional boundaries and learn how to tell when what you are feeling is your own emotion and what belongs to the people around you. Until you do, you will be taken advantage of in both personal and professional situations. If you pray, ask God and the angels to protect you with white light ( or visualise this happening) to prevent other people's negativity from affecting you. Also, taking showers will wash away the negativity accumulated from others. Spend plenty of time alone so that you can rest and relax away from other people's feelings. Make sure you get yourself out of unhealthy relationships and only have positive people as your friends.

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