Scorpio guys input please.?

  • Whats your point of view on having a girlfriend & flirting with other girls?

    What I mean is; when you've been dating a girl for a while, is it normal for a scorpio guy to flirt with other girls?

    The reason I'm asking this is, I've been having this gut feeling about this scorpio guy, but I'm not sure if it's right now not. I notice him doing alot of stuff for me, but I'm not sure if he's doing it as a friend or as more than a friend.

    I've known him for a while. At first I HATED him. I guess it was because we were just kids at the time & it was like he was teasing me, But these last few years he's always seemed to do alot for me, especially over the last two years. It;s a really long story, I've posted the story on an earlier post, it's pretty long to read though. The main things he's seemed to give was little things like looking out for me so that I wouldnt get into trouble, complementing me on the littlest things, teasing me (I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but I have a pretty good sense of humor so I usually tease him back), trying to spend more time around me, doing things for me like opening doors & carrying stuff for me, doing stuff for me, stareing at me all the time(alot of the time when I catch him doing it he'll look away, but there's been times that I'm the one that looks away), making me laugh, being there for me when I'm upset (that's usually hard to do since when I'm mad or upset I can really blow up & push people away), tickling me & play fighting all the time. Just a bunch of stuff like that. It does confuse me when he is nice one minute & then is mean the next. He's rarely ever like that though. There's been a time where he practicely blow up in class because some guy tried to sit in the seat by me. He yelled at him across the room telling him that he couldnt sit there, but like I said from the beginning, he has a girlfriend. I dont know if this is just a scorpio guy acting like a friend or what. I've heard scorpio guys are driven or sex & lust, but this guy, even though he tickles me & play fights & everything, he doesnt ever act like a perv or try to push me to do anything. As far as I know he has no idea that I've noticed him acting like this (especially the way he acts when he's around me & his girlfriend at the same time) It all just drives me crazy!

    Any thoughts guys?

    If you need most of the story you can check out my first most. It's pretty long, but it explains just about everything.


  • I didn't read your first post, so I don't know how old you or the Scorpio is, but I can tell you a few things about Scorpios as I've been married to one for almost 4 years. They can be sweet, charming, attentive, adoring, caring, and make you feel like you're the most incredible woman they've ever met. Ah, but once they "have" you (i.e., married or in a committed relationship), they can become distant/aloof, secretive, manipulative, controlling, and you end up wondering what happened to the sweet, vulnerable man you fell in love with. It's not just my experience. I have a friend who was also married to a Scorpio, her father was a Scorpio, and she's done astrological charts for decades. Scorpios love women/girls (and are very sexual), they love the chase, but once you're theirs, they seem to put up a wall and shut you out. It can be a lonely existence unless you're strong and have your own friends, activities and life.

    Beware: resist if you can because it will probably mean heartache if you fall in love with him. Keep him as a good friend; they're great at that.

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