Ut_it come here for your dream interpretation

  • i think that this dream was simply your subconscious expressing the fears and doubts you have or may have had regarding your ex lover and the emotions you may have kept bottled up inside of you. take the time to ask yourself questions about this matter like "did he really care for me?" "do i still love him?"just look into your heart. whatever happend dont beat yourself up over it. he chose the other woman over you and thats all there is to it. dont worry because one day you will find somebody who truly loves and cares for you and will spend the rest of his life with you,you just have to wait,dont give up!. as for whether or not your pregnant i believe it would be better to see a doctor on that matter. hope this helps.

  • thank you kargeroninja

    I had many weird dreams

    before that dream one day... I dreamed there were 3 or 4 electricians fixing electric power in front of my house... I were standing inside and watch them.. then there were a very loud explosion that woke me up.. I looked around and see that there was nothing, and I backed to sleep..

    when I closed my eyes, I saw one electricians die.. his face turned to green..

    I think it was just a bad dream, isn't it?

    once again, thank you kargeroninja

  • Kageroninga,

    Now that's a mouthful. was wondering what your take is on my dreams. if it is rude for me to jump in here i can understand if you choose not to respond i know thats a problem to some folks.

    I had a couple very sweet dreams after a series of dark nightmares during lots of changes fears surfacing. The1st sweet dream was of me in the back seat of a car cuddling up w/ Kevin McKidd. I've always found him very attractive but only in my dreams as they say! He was talking to me sweetly reassuringly into my ear (but w/o his scottish accent) w/ his arms around me. very comforting. I woke up feeling wonderful wanted to go back to the dream. Then a couple nites later drempt I was in a crowd like a party type atmosphere and from across the room came Hugh Laurie, we talked a bit and the next thing I knew he was planting this long passionate kiss on me. 🙂 I woke up laughing. I didn't feel as comforted by it as w/ Mckidd but thought it amusing. I'm unsure if this means I am experiencing an opening of my tender or sensual self or my ability to be comforted or if these figures represent my own strength and passion (I see them both as a symbol of strength)and abilities to comfort or maybe all of the above. It was sweet at any rate.

    Cheers Pfree

  • your very welcome ut_it and as for the other dream you described...electricity is a source of power so in dreams it most likely symbolizes energy and your house=a place of comfort,our home is where we sleep,eat,laugh and cry. i interpret this dream as certain energies that you are either misusing or they are being wasted. like perhaps you may have been putting things off or you have a job you really dont like,maybe you have alot of ideas that you never put into action. the noise you heard in the dream could have been a wake up call saying"hey!are you listening". the elictrician you saw die could have been showing you how sad it would be if you kept letting things go on the way they are now. another way of looking at this,if you ever have electricians come to your home be careful. @pfree:lol how old are you? because no offense but those sound like hormonally induced dreams of adolescent girls.(for future reference DO NOT hijack other people's threads. if you want somebody to do a reading or interpretation for you make your own thread. im starting to think we need private messaging on this furom so we wont have this problem so much).

  • OK as I said I understand it's an issue for some, some are flexible some are not. It's only a problem if you see it that way dear. But as you wish.



  • Hi kageroninja

    Can I bother with more dreams?

    my current situation:

    1. my parents want to sell the current house asap but there's still no luck

    2. My brother wants me to give my dog away

    3. We're gonna move to new house (just rent, we don't own it)

    my dream that I had last night:

    I dream my family move to the house next door. Suddenly, my current house felt down. I were so scare because my dog is still inside the house. My brother and I ran into the house to look for my dog but the stairway was full of stuffs. We cann't go higher to get my dog. I've tried to clear the way but I can't because if I try harder the stairway will get stuck. I were desperated and just stared at all the stuffs in front of me.

    Later that, I heard my dog barked desperately. There is hope for me and I continue trying to clear the way. After hours of trying, my dog still stuck.

    There's an earthquake or something that make the house be too dangerous to stay inside. My brother drag me out and get back to the house next door. When I stand in front of that house, I saw my current house felt on to the new house. All the window glasses of this house is broke and it seems that this house will be felt down too.

    I'm sorry about my English, the dream is complicated to write in English. and i'm not English native speaker..

  • i think this either means you dont want to move and dont want to give the dog away,you worry about what will happen to the dog. or you and your family may come along alot of problems during this whole process. i think you and everybody else should just take their time and think about what needs to be done. get rid of alot of things like old clothes,old shoes,old books anything thats just sitting there collecting dust or gifts anybody may have recieved from people they dont like anymore. see just like we leave fingerprints on everything we touch we also leave energy on whatever we touch or wherever we go so keeping things that have negative energy attached to them wont do anybody any good. are you able to take care of your dog?does the new house allow pets?. if not keep your dog and if you decide not to please make sure you find a safe loving new home for the animal. like i said,take your time. glad i could help you ut_it.

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