My card on this forum

  • I draw the 10 of cups on this forum because I feel Iike that I was part of a family on this forum and everybody is very heartwarming. I really like this forum very much.

  • Just out of curiosity Bartmanhomer....we all found this place because we were searching for answers. What led you here? 🙂

    Me??? Loss of job, breakup of long term career needing to be defined....and I found it and all the people here. Been absolutely wonderful for my growth.

    Love to hear your story....

  • Let just say I just got bored with other forum so I just randomly search,

  • I don't believe the world will end in 2012 as others may believe....but I do believe it is a new beginning and there is a tremendous awakening of the ones that will conquer life and lead the way! Sometimes we make it harder than it is and are taught so much information that it becomes familiar and it is more of a competing game to the point that....that's exactly what it is COMPETITION. So therefore, what gain is it for peace and life and the furthering of our future? It's a mess! So God had to make another wonderful! Let's be wise and thankful and utilize all of what HE has given US and wait for it..BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!

    Have a wonderful day!

  • Counterfeit card those that are involved in that kind Prime Assignment Writing of activity will usually not get involved with lower valued cards. In fact, the chances you will come across a card that is counterfeit is very slim. What you are most likely to come across are cards that are not counterfeit but have been altered to increase their value.

  • are we playing Pokemon?


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