Swords with soft spot

  • I just thought of a wonder story.

    Knight of swords reverse: There was a knight who was pretty upset. He was always mean to people because he doesn't like people that much.

    8 of swords: One day the knight of swords was trapped in a room all tied up on the chair blindfolded. He feel very boxed.

    Knight of cups: The knight of cups enter the room and remove the blindfold. The knight of swords was very upset of the knight of cups for plotting. The knight of cups smiled and said "I think it time to cheer you up."

    9 of cups: The knight of cups remove the knight of swords shoes and socks and start to tickle his barefeet with a blue feather. The knight of swords start to laugh. He said: "Hahahahahahhaahahhaahhaah! stop, that tickles. I never have that emotion before. Hahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahah!" The knight of cups said: Those are the sound of a happy sword. Full of laughter. As he continue to tickle the knight of swords feet with the feather, he continue to laugh and start to cry.

    Ace of cups: 30 minutes later the knight of cups untied the knight of swords, as he never felt this emotion before he started to be friends with the knight of cups.

    The end

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