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  • Sorry to bug you, it seems ive become addicted to knowing more about my life, ive already found out alot thanks to your help, i was wondering if i could get a match up on how compatible i am with some partners... and which would be the best choice thank you

    Mine - 7/21/1990

    #1 - 4/25/1986

    #2 - 9/4/1989

  • Barbara, guy # 1 is better for a working partnership than for anything love-related. Your need for risk-taking will upset this more conservative guy. The challenge is whether your need for variety and change can be satisfied here without undermining the stability of the relationship, and the answer is probably not. You are two very different people with different goals and attitudes to life. This exciting and passionate relationship can very quickly become stuck and judgmental. This guy will not understand your need to go off on your own and will be hurt by what he will sees as a rejection, disinterest or infidelity on your part. It's good for a romantic fling but your friend will demand something more serious than you are perhaps prepared to give. The intense satisfaction generated at first will dissolve fast.

    Guy # 2 and you: this is a fiery relationship full of the passion and excitement that makes life a romantic adventure. The great need is for one of you to provide a firm direction for the relationship that will take you to a higher level. Ambition is strong here and the relationship's direction may be filled by your social, career or religious orientations. Achieving a personal best often becomes this competitive relationship's shared focus. The affair will begin with powerfully romantic feelings, but it may not penetrate to your deeper emotions. Thus, the fuel that would feed the fire of love may be in limited supply and may quickly burn out. Marriage is a different story however - if you can manage to lay a strong enough foundation, and ambition can be satisfied by giving high priority to only one of the partner's careers, then this relationship can be successful. So in order to last, one of the partners in the marriage must be the homebody and one will have the career - both people working will upset the balance here. So a love affair here will be difficult to sustain short-term but, if one of you can willingly give up their career ambitions without feeling resentful, this can endure.

    Barbara, you seem to be attracted to the same type of partner - someone with whom you can have a brief torrid romance, but who will probably not stick around unless you are prepared to make sacrifices or alter your personality. These two guys are earthy solid types who will dig their heels in to get what they want. They are very opposite your own personality. Consider why you might be attracted to this sort of person. The attraction of opposites can be exciting and romantic but you need to have things in common if a relationship is to last.

  • I guess Im a Romance junkie i dont know how else to explain why, that fiery passion is what i live for, the flame has to be bright... i cant stand when things are dull, i had a partner that was perfect for my life and i was with him for two and half years but i finally just broke it off because their was no heat between us at all... my life was perfect but my heart was cold and now my heart gets bursts of fiery energy but it makes my life chaotic... am i not allowed to have a balance? it seems im not even physically atttracted to the types you said were good for me. I am doing better by myself now, i taken alot of advice from these forums and i seem to be mellowing out and finding myself. Im actually taking the time to find myself and just be by myself and it feels great when i do... i feel comfortable sleeping alone unlike before when i couldnt even get to sleep... im learning how to let go of my emotions, i just need a recharge in solitude... which i always desperately need but dont want to take the time to do because i think i need to be in the social circle


  • Captain, Hope you have good news for me!

    Mine - 3-26-61

    #1 5-12-55

    #2 12-27-47

    Thank you!

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