Having (or not having) children

  • Hi...new here. I've played around tarot.com for a while (on and off), but haven't participated too much. 🙂

    I have a personal question I hope someone would help answer. Last year I went to get a tarot reading and was told that I was going to have a son (and possibly a daughter)...this child would have been my own birth child or a stepchild, but the psychic could not determine which at the time. This has actually been confirmed to other psychics I've seen that year, who definitely claimed that I had a male child waiting for me.

    It should be nice, right? Well...to be honest, I wasn't happy knowing that I could potentially become a mother. I have known I didn't want children for a long time, and I felt sad that I could become a mom based on the readings. I felt (and still feel) guilty that a soul chose me to be their mother as I would do anything not to have this role (I even professed to one psychic that I would give up my soulmate if it meant becoming a parent in any way). For a long time I struggled with this knowledge and have prayed/begged God not to give me a child.

    A few months ago I had a reading done and asked the same question (different psychic reader)...when she did my cards she told me that she didn't see children around me (!). I was stunned because previous readings have said otherwise. I have asked the same question to other readers, and they have all said the same thing! They told me that they understood that I didn't want to be a mother and there would be no children (no birth/stepchildren) in my life path.

    I have read information about this, and I have learned that one can send the child energy to a different path if he/she decides that they don't want it. Although I am now relieved that I don't have a child in the wings, I can't help but feel very guilty because I potentially had a baby waiting for me and I rejected it. I also feel guilty because I don't regret not wanting this child. Does anyone know what happens to the child soul if a "parent" decides not to have it? Does the child soul feel frustrated/upset by this? As guilty as I feel about this I know becoming a mother would not be for my highest good. Thank you for reading....

  • BUMP!!!!

  • Could someone PLEASE answer this Lovely Lady?

    I myself am curious to know what the answer is.

  • The child's soul will move on to other parents, and don't worry-- they hold no grudges.

  • Sorry, I was posting exactly as my intuition said to and I wasn't as compassionate as I could have been. Please don't beat yourself up, OP. There is no reason to let yourself be guilty for knowing that having a child would be detrimental to your well-being. You are doing what's right for you, and Spirit understands. ❤

  • probablyflashy - your first response wasn't non-compassionate at all! It actually came as a relief. Thank you for clarifying this; I have always wondered and now feel more at peace with my decision.

  • I'm glad I could be helpful! ❤ You're very welcome.

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