I can do a reading for the first three people

  • wow - That is a really large image. Sorry all

  • HAPPYDoc,

    I did an H-pattern spread for you, each of your cards on one side and the 7th in the middle. Here's is what I see:

    The Sun, rev, is saying that you have trouble in your partnerships. Were you engaged and had it broke off?

    The 6 of Pentacles says his past is marked with charity and success.

    Your present is the knight of swords. You are smart and logical but lack diplomacy in the relationship at times. Let your head rule your heart if your emotions are getting in the way. If it is you're over thinking, then let your heart rule your head.

    His present is the Page of Cups. Romantic, is what this tells me. He is optimistic. And he is also very accepting of you. He is simple, and uncomplicated.

    Your future, is the 8 of pentacles, rev. This is a going to marked with hard work. Look out for going the way that will get you what you want at the expense of having something better, and more lasting.

    His Future, is the 3 of Pentacles. Again, work and effort. But I think he may have a plan for the future - You two should talk about that.

  • Shatz,

    Do you want a reading about anything specific, or just a general one?

  • Hi silateer thanks so much for taking time to do this and help us out with some insight...

    i have a question though... what do you mean by this (marked with ***)

    Your future, is the 8 of pentacles, rev. This is a going to marked with hard work. ""Look out for going the way that will get you what you want at the expense of having something better, and more lasting

    Do you think he thinks of me in his future?

    He has asked some questions like if I want to have babies... which i think it a little crazy and scares me a bit... and also about some business he wants to have...

    I guess in a way i wanted insight to see if it was "safe" for me to let my heart rule the way and fall in love again... I wasn't engaged before but I loved too much for too long and finally gave up on him (my ex). I feel happy now, different happy... good happy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Again thanks so so much for your help ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Silateer,

    Thank you so much. Things are definitely nuts right now...lol. But, I'm positive and happy and I feel like I can be me again and it's amazing. I decided to divorce my husband back in december; he's been gone for three years to medical school and since I filed for divorce he threatens to quit medical school repeatedly (we have two kids and now he worries about not being there for them). I cant tell if he says that as a ploy to get me to back down or if he's serious about it.

    LOL...those cards picked up on all my drama! I wonder what the king of swords reversed is telling me. I actaully have worried a lot about my husbands instability; I hope he doesnt do something crazy. I know that no matter what happens we will pull through though. I am most definitely a survivor and I think the kids have that element in them as well. :0)

    Thank you so much. Your kindness is appreciated beyond words. You are a very giving and talented person and we are blessed to have you here.

    Good luck on your upcoming test!

  • Silateer,

    WOW! I was gonna just say yes that was a large image! Lol! But then, a thought struck me as I am writing, maybe it was supposed to be large...details, in the large image you see the details! Hmm...just a thought that popped in my head! Lol!

    Have an awesome day and good luck with the exams ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Aweeeeeeee Jason, you made me cry:) Just a genral jason,like so many, my head and my heart cannot connect at the moment...

    what ever your advice to me will be great...

    Thanks again Jason,

    peace,light,love and hugs

    Don't forget to laugh go to cwb's club...


  • closed untill further notice, UNDER CONSTRUCTION

    visit CWB's whinning club if you need to vent,whine,stomp your feet.

    hugs sheila

  • Thank You for taking time out of your Final Exams to give me a reading.

    I hope that you pass ALL of them, with flying Colors:)

    Your reading was Dead On!

  • Dear Silateer,

    Thank you for your reading. It made a lot of sense to me.

    Strength, the large card, seems to be what I need to keep me on my path to

    better things. Yes, you were correct when you said I depend on myself. That

    has has been my whole life.

    I am mostly a positive person but lately have been down some. Will try

    and stay up. I will remember your words. God bless. Annamarie

  • HappyDoc

    What I meant by that was that the card marks that area of your life.

    And yes, I think he thinks of you and I am so sorry, but I realize I missed the last card in your reading! The V of Swords reversed is the bridge between you two. I assume there is something dividing you both, and you are leading very different lives at the moment. Things are difficult, and he feels that you are living a live that is above his. Beware of spite right now. Don't do it, and if you want him in your life, know when he is being spiteful โ€“ But also, know it for what it is, spite because he is struggling right now and feels he deserves some sympathy and does it because he hurts.


  • Shatz, You have a great reading! And I have some advice at the end that will hold a disclaimer! LOL!

    Card 1: The Hermit reversed - I see refusal to change despite the counsel of others. You are a victim of bad lifestyle choices, and have been subject to inaction when if comes to doing what is right for yourself.

    Card 2: The Star reversed - Negative present, Self doubt and unwillingness to change to your circumstances.

    Card 3: The Moon - Positive present, This is your psychic abilities! You have dreams of what you want your life to be like, and this card means you have the power to make them reality. Don't lose control of your day to day life, and you can make the future you want reality.

    Card 4: The Sun reversed - Recently negative past I see poor health and relationship troubles.

    Card 5: Page of Cups- Recent past, positive. You have great foresight, and have been able to spend time reflecting on things. Use what you came up with as a plan for your future. The Page is a messenger generally, use those thoughts as a message to your future. Positive thoughts and visualization of the life you want - 20 minutes a day is my advice.

    Card 6: 8 of Wands- The final card, and the outcome here.Understanding and harmony! Speed up and swiftly come to the end that you want. Not only does this card represent hope through swift action, it can also mean favorable news (like the Page) and is a card of hope.

    Card 7: Queen of Wands. Significator.

    You have a very celestial group of cards, the Star, Moon and Sun are all here. These oppositions - as the moon opposes stars and the sun opposes the moon - says there is serenity and a coming enlightenment ahead.

    Ok - I am not a licensed health care provider and this advice shouldn't take the place of seeing a primary care provider. (Disclaimer!)

    Get yourself to an Upper Cervical doctor on that list I sent you. I see people's lives improve in a mere few months under care. It should help your back issues, and improve your over-all health at the same time.

    Also, check out The Secret. You seem to have the cards that tell me you have great mental faculties to use positive thought exercises in getting what you want. I am also a hypnotherapist and would be more than happy to provide you with some MP3 therapies to help you along the way. Not sure how I would get them to you, but we can figure something out!

    A big hug to you my cousin Lioness!


  • Hi everyone!

    You are all welcome! I am glad to serve.


  • Hi Silateer, does it mean that you accept more requests? if so I would be glad to have a love reading. Could you?

  • Hello Silateer ,

    May I have a reading when you have the time , Please and Thank You I would like to know what I should be doing for a living , or will I be moving onto a new job anytime in the near future? Also , would you be able to tell me if I have any form of Arthritis ? I shall wait your reply .

    Thank you for your time !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Hi Moonlisa and Doves.

    I did my three (actually 5) readings for this thread. Please keep an eye out, as I will be doing this every week, as a separate thread, to the first three people to respond.

    Please understand that I am really busy studying for an examination I have in two weeks and am spending most of my time preparing for it. I am doing these three weekly readings to help clear my mind as part of this preparation.

    I will be posting in the middle/end of the week! Don't let everyone know, so you can move to the front of the line!

    Dove, why do you think you have arthritis? If you suspect you might, you should see a MD, DC or DO and have some tests run. It is best to start management early for these things!

  • silateer, of course I understand. Whenever you have time. Good luck with your exams!

  • Hi Silateer, thanks so much for helping me. That's very nice of you. You're so accurate with my past being full of energy and confidence. And about the trips and falls in the future, seriously, I thought they were over already! Are you saying they will be blessings in disguise? How can I get out of feeling like a prisoner with the 8 of Swords?


    I see your past is marked by the Knight of Wands. You had energy and confidence! Sometimes you moved to quick without thinking about the end.

    Currently your are feeling locked up like a prisoner. You cannot see the future as an author and you cannot move in that direction with the 8 of Swords.

    The future for you is going to be filled with trips and falls, but they cannot be avoided. Infact I would say they are going to be the life lessons you need to make you work harder towards your goal. Success can be achieved here, but only through hard work and being relentless in working towards what you want - this is the 5 of Wands.

  • Hello Silateer,

    I think I might have arthritis due to the fact that I am experiencing a lot of pain in my joints (hips, ankles, wrists , elbows and back , even my neck at times , I even have a lot popping of my bones in my hips and shoulders , which can be literally heard across the room . I have had a few blood test for certain Arthritis , but nothing showed up .

    I actually do have another Doctors appointment for this weeks to look into it again . But I thought I would just put it out there and ask someone to see if they could pick up anything on it and too see if I could confirm what I thought it was too . Hopefully I can get my other question in this week as well , when you summit your new post .

    Til then Take Care and God Bless You ^A^ and Good Luck with your Studies !

    Have a great day !


  • WOW. I dunno wether to be happy that Silateer is such a generous giving man when he has SO much to do before exams, or upset that people DISRESPECT his CRITERIA of THREE PERSONS ALONE. Now thats RUDE and cruel. I need to ask all those that has barged on without even asking has ur list been closed or what, how can you live with yaselves the way u barge in like a rhino in a china store with no regard for anyone else not even Silateer as reader.

    i strongly suggest you read Lack Of Respect. oughta be mandatory!

    Silateer please babes no to be overrun stuick to ya guns. Dont b mr nice guy, bc as u see here, uยดll b overrun. Take care if urself. Ok?

    Some people man!

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