I can do a reading for the first three people

  • Hi all,

    I've been busy with an exam coming up, but I'm offering three readings on a first come, first serve basis.


  • Hi Jason sheila August 10,1960 my back well its chronic pain and fibromialga, then i have strained it some how i did some heavy lifting, but its just me a my little girl so it has to be done,


  • oh memememe!!! I did ask for a seperate reading from you but here it is :0) thanks a billion!!!

    I'm worried about Christian (9-18-1975) and whether he'll finish medical school.

    I'm wondering if I'll find a job so I can support myself (11-18-1977) and the kids (8-8-00 and 9-15-1995)-this is a biggie

    I'm worried about my best friend N. (12-25-1978)

    ...and future love :0)

  • forgive me jason, i had a back spazm in the middle of writing this its just above the tail bone right across my back my front of my legs have pain shooting down them...doctor J

    Hugs sheila

    Thanks for all you do:)

  • Hi there! Pls tell me, will I find success as an author of books in my lifetime? Dob January 20, 1977.

    Thank you very much!

  • HEY am I too late?

    Please do me also April 21, 1973 what do you see for me in regard to romance and money:)

  • okay, i thinks jason hit his target hehe, i hope you made it pilot

    hugs sheila

    tell me i don't have to get cappy here

    hugs jason thanks again

  • Sheila,

    You need a specific type of chiropractor. They are called Upper Cervical chiropractors. You can find a pretty good directory of them at www.upcspine.com and look under practitioners. It is a little different from what most people think is chiropractic - They only look at the top two bones in the neck and it is very specific. I have seen many people with your condition get better with it. Give it time though!

    Let me know if you want any more information!


  • Dear Silateer:

    My dob if 12/28/32. Returned to work in March of this year after being off over one year.

    Went back to same place part time. I am worried over my finances. Do not get many hours

    working and am hoping it picks up for me.

    Also in chronic pain in the back from two broken vertebraes and have an arm/shoulder

    injury from a bad fall. Any insight you can give me will be appreciated.

    Thank you. Annamarie

  • Silateer, so sorry to bug I do know how to count and I know you already have your three people...but I dont come here all the time, I'm afraid I'll never be on time to get a reading...

    anyhow... there's no rush... whenever if you get a chance... I want to see how things look past, present and future in this relationship me DOB 5/19/78 initials L and him 2/2/82 initials O

    or just general advice on the relationship, future, outcome etc etc...

    Sorry again, I understand and so sorry to go beyond three people with this post...





    THIS LIST IS NOW CLOSED..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Sheila, thanks so much!! you didn't have to do this... I don't know what to say but MANY THANKS!!


  • you just said it, your welcome happydoc...

    i hope you get the answers you seek.

    hugs sheila

  • list is now closed,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OK!






    And of Shatz!

    Ok - So I'll do a little more than three! LOL - And Sheila, you were gonna get on no matter what, you're kindness here has moved you to the top of the list.

    I'll do them all this afternoon before I head to practice giving physical exams… I think it'll help clear my head reading for you all!

  • Gladyouwroteme, here is your reading.

    I did a Celtic Cross for you:

    Card 1 is the X of Wands. This is a card that says you have some burdens!

    Card 2 is the V of Pentacles - And this is what crosses you. This is telling me that there you are on hard times, but you are with people you love.

    Card Three is what the root is. This is the Ace of Swords. You have gone through a change of mind or thought and this is why you are here.

    Card 4 is what crowns you. This is the Ace of Wands reversed. You are having trouble with your career you said. This is I think will be your crowning achievement - You will find yourself through this job search

    Card 5 is your past. And this is the Tower. Your home has had some recent upheaval.

    Card 6 is the future. The King of Swords reversed. There will be a disruption possibly in the near future.

    Card 7 is how you see yourself. This is the Knight of Wands. You enjoy action and are confident in what you do though to others you see erratic.

    Care 8 is your environment. This is the Knight of Swords. This might be a man, Christian perhaps. Don't worry about him, though times are tough, he'll fight to get through school by any means!

    Card 9 is the advice. This is the Queen of Cups reversed. Don't be a slake to hysteria or nervous thoughts. This won't help.

    Card 10 is the outcome. And here we have the Page of Swords reversed. Though negotiations aren't your strong suit, you will become detached after some work from the things that are getting you down.

    Now, you have a lot of other things going in this reading!

    The two Aces say there will be some trickery. And the Knights say intimacy!

  • Redtomato,

    I see your past is marked by the Knight of Wands. You had energy and confidence! Sometimes you moved to quick without thinking about the end.

    Currently your are feeling locked up like a prisoner. You cannot see the future as an author and you cannot move in that direction with the 8 of Swords.

    The future for you is going to be filled with trips and falls, but they cannot be avoided. Infact I would say they are going to be the life lessons you need to make you work harder towards your goal. Success can be achieved here, but only through hard work and being relentless in working towards what you want - this is the 5 of Wands.

  • Pilot!

    Love I see this for you.

    The Ace of Cups in your past. Showing some failure in love, or a relationship that came to halt.

    Right now you are governed by the Page of Pentacles. You are working hard at finding somebody, and being very fair in your picking. This is good!

    The future is the Queen of Swords, You will overcome and find love, but there will some tough choices to make.

    Now on to money!

    The past is showing the Page of Swords. This is a card about ability and knowledge. Being able to see the things going on around you without becoming attached to them

    The present is the Queen of Wands. You are gaining some success in some sort of project? Maybe you have a new business or position at work?

    The future, is the 2 of cups, reversed. There will be a strain on a partnership. This may affect your quest for financial success. Be on the look out! The two queens again indicate some trickery may be a foot!

  • Annamarie,

    I am sorry to hear about your hard times. Here is your reading and I hope it helps give you some insight.

    The past is the 9 of Pentacles. You have relied on yourself. And are refined and gracious.

    The Present negative influence, is the Fool reversed. A new start that has been difficult for you. You may be to caught up in routine to enjoy a little craziness and fun.

    The Present positive, is the King of Swords. Your ethics and intellect are your saving grace! You have made the right choices and been the right person!

    The recent past, that is playing a positive role is the 5 of Cups. Your recent losses will be opening up new doors for you. These set backs initiated a change, so go with the flow here!

    The recent past that is paling a negative role is the Knight of Pentacles reversed. Pessimism is the killer. Keep your outlook bright, and happy - After all, it is a choice to be happy or sad that we all have to make. Choose happiness.

    The outcome is the Strength reversed. Don't give up! It will be hard, but you will find the strength you need to get what you want. Getting angry is easy, but finding the strength you need is going to be a challenge, but this card is the inspiration for you!

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