Who is stealing from me? help please

  • Recently I've had money go missing from me, I allways leave it in my room, only my friends have been in there but now it's happend for the second time, this time £25 has gone missing, I have people i suspect i was just wondering if anyone has any insight to who is doing this, these are people im ment to trust, if i can't trust them in my own house, how can i trust what i tell them

  • I feel it is your mother or someone you think of as like a mother - an older female who is very desperate and short of cash at the moment. She intends to pay you back as soon as she can.

  • I can't see it being my mother, my mother would never steal off of me, I do believe its one of my friends and there not borrowing it there stealing it from me.

  • Try asking your mother if she knows who is stealing your money.

  • we live in the same house and she really dosen't know who it could be she gave me the money in the first place so she has no reason to take it off me, she dosen't even want to let people in the house, it's also destroyed my trust for my friends, all because of one selfish person.

  • So now you don't trust any of your friends at all - all because you are assuming that one of them is guilty? You have lost much more than money.

  • Did you actually ask your mother point blank if she knew?

  • I no but how can I be friends knowing one them has taken it, i allready accused the person i thought it was, and i asked my mother and she said she didn't take it and was quite offended that i would think my own mother would take it. My mom has dedicated her life to her children she would never take money from me.

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