Aqua girl with virgo husband

  • Hello, all I’m new to the forum, My Virgo husband just decided to leave our 7yr relationship to be with a co- worker. We have a 4yr old together, but he has other kids from two other women. I’m also his 3rd wife. We have been having issues mostly with his insecurity. He thinks I am flirting if a man speaks to me too long, even if it is a friend. He also doesn't want me to have any male friends, yet he has so many female friends. I recently spoke to a male friend from long ago because I wanted some insight on what was happening in my relationship with my husband. My husband wasn’t answering my calls and stayed out late, he found out thru my phone records. I now feel I added strength to his insecurities, because he now says he can't trust me. I've tried getting him to go to counseling but he won’t, yet when we talk during one of our late night conversations he confesses that he loves me but can't trust me, ugh! Yet he is with this women who he says means nothing, but he can't come back to me yet. We have great sex together and he keeps coming back for more. After learning about Virgo's traits, I've resisted calling and texting as before. He talks about divorcing then cancels the thought. I’m confused and don't know what to do now? I want my husband back but I don't know if it's possible. He now wants to have our son stay with him at this woman’s house. Is there any hope, do I continue to ignore him and hope he comes back or do I prepare to move on and wait for the divorce, HELP!!!!!!

  • Your husband is irresponsible and is the one who is untrustful. The home situation for your children is not good or helpful and could become volital. You are in the typical situation of do as I say,not what I do. Time to cut off the porch light and the communications. As for the child visiting with the new girl,ABOUTSOLUTELY NOT!!! If you take him back it will never be the same, and the kids will suffer.Be determined. The law is on your side. He created this mess, he needs to pay!

  • Wow! thanks Aquaduct that’s comforting to hear. my husband made me feel I was the one being unreasonable, because I refused the over nights visits with our son. He sees him once a week for several hours I’ve lost 20lbs and many sleepless nights over this issue for what is now a 3 months separation. He now has his friends and family believing I was cheating because I admitted to the phone calls to my friend. Therefore, it now looks as if he entered into this relationship because of my unfaithful ways. These three months have been hard on me and as a result just as hard on my family. I have started seeing a therapist who said to me my husband needs to seek therapy. I now go to help myself to get over these feeling of betrayal and abandonment. I am preparing now to go thur the divorce because I don't see a good outcome.

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